10 things you (quite possibly) didn’t know about Marvel!


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With Marvel Universe LIVE! Superheroes Assemble touching down at Manchester Arena from Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th January 2017, we found you 10 Marvel facts about the stars of the show that you (quite possibly) never knew…

  • Iron Man‘s suit used to include roller skates! We would have loved to see Robert Downey Jr battle it out on wheels!
  • Michael Jackson could have been Spider-Man! It’s been widely reported that the King of Pop tried to buy Marvel in the late 1990s so that he could produce – and star in – a Spider-Man movie!


  • Aside from being insanely strong, The Hulk can breathe underwater and see ghosts!
  • The Villian Loki made his first appearance 13 years before his brother Thor!


  • Captain America‘s shield wasn’t originally round. In fact, it was more of a triangular badge-shaped shield!
  • The Black Widow was originally a ballet dancer.


  • Stan Lee, who co-created many of our favourite superheroes and villains, added the hyphen in Spider-Man‘s name so that it didn’t look too similar to Super Man.
  • Thor: The Dark World was filmed in the UK under the name ‘Thursday Mourning’. Very clever given that Thursday is named after god of Thunder himself!


  • Tony Stark once built Spider-Man an iron suit, known as ‘The Iron Spider’ or the ‘Stark Spider Uniform’!
  • The Hulk was originally grey. He only turned green as a result of ink issues!

Marvel Universe LIVE! Superheroes Assemble is a spectacular live action family arena show, taking the live entertainment experience to a whole new level. Bringing together the largest assembly of Marvel characters in a live production, audiences will be able to watch some of their favourite Marvel Super Heroes step out of the silver screen and on to the stage – bringing the action to life right before their eyes.

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