11 of the Best Tattooed Musicians


by Sarah Johnston.

With all of this summer’s festival line ups being announced at the moment it’s exciting to think about warm sunny days in (hopefully not very muddy) fields sipping warm beer out of paper cups and having a jump around to some great bands with people you’ve never met.

When in the queue for said beer I always quite enjoy checking out the myriad of tattoos dotted around all over people.  People displaying their own personal canvas’.

So how about some musicians that have chosen to wear their art on their sleeves or elsewhere?


Ellie Goulding keeping it simple.


Rockers Fall Out Boy are not afraid of a bit of colour.

Frank Carter

Ex Gallows, and now Pure Love front man Frank Carter,  a tattoo artist himself is not only an amazing performer but also beautifully decorated


Metallica front man James Hetfield will be rocking Sonisphere this summer.


Jason from Los Campesinos is also a tattoo artist himself


Rihanna has a number of tats, this trickle of stars down the back of her neck if one of my favourites though.

Simon Neil

Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil


Surely the most amazing eyebrows in music, Amanda Palmer, that’s one way of getting out of over plucking them!


Keith Flint from The Prodigy will be getting the crowds worked up at Sonisphere this July.


‘Happy’ N.E.R.D front man Pharrell Williams has a couple that I’m sure he’ll be flashing this summer at Wireless

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was always a fan of a tattoo or two.

Who are your favourite tattooed artists? Have you got any to rival these guys and gals? 

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  • Amanda’s eyebrows are not tattooed, they are drawn.

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