5 Inspirational Celebrity Mums


We look to celebrities for Mother’s Day inspiration

It’s time for some inspirational celebrity mums. And no, we don’t mean Madonna, Kerry Katona and Angelina Jolie (although they’re great too). We mean the mums of the celebs themselves. Celebs who share a special bond with their mums have an equally special place in our hearts. It’s always touching to see and hear them talk about, and even share their mums with us, and ’tis the season to celebrate all things motherly. 

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So, we’ve used our favourite celebrity & mum relationships as inspiration for our top Mother’s Day picks, to help you find the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. A

Russell Brand and his mum

Russell Brand talks frequently about the inspiration his mum has been to him. How her brave battles with cancer have inspired him, and how she has always been there to support him, whatever he’s been going through in his life. He famously got fiercely defensive of her when interviewed by Graham Norton, where he accused the host of making her cry, after Graham mentioned the star’s break up with wife, Katy Perry.

We’re sure Russell has plenty planned for Mother’s Day.

Eventim show: It goes without saying that Russell would get his mum a ticket to his own show, so she can be there with him as he struts his stuff.

Emma Thompson and her mum

Famous mother and daughter, Phyllida Law and Emma Thompson clearly share an incredibly special bond. Not only are they both actors, but they took part in a touching joint interview as they both received honorary doctorates from the Royal Conservatoire.

Phyllida also speaks incredibly highly of her daughter’s parenting, recounting how Emma flew back from America to see her daughter, Gaia, perform in West Wide Story. Phylidda said ‘I could never be so brilliant’. Emma described how she has always tried to be an ‘every day’ mum to her daughter. It’s obvious to see what a great their mother-daughter bonds mean to them both.

Eventim show: We’d recommend Emma takes Phyllida to see 42nd Street – the stunning new West End show to share their passion for musical theatre.

Dev Patel and his mum

Dev Patel famously took his mum, Anita, to the 2017 Oscars. After this night of unbelievable glamour, she is said to have been back to working in a care home in North London by the end of the week.

She said: ‘It was such fun, but the film is so moving that I cried. I think we all cried’. With a gesture like that, it’s easy to see why Dev makes our top five.

Eventim show: We think Dev should give his mum another chance to be moved to tears with a film; the breathtaking live performance of La La Land in Concert with orchestra.

Ed Sheeran and his mum

Ed Sheeran has always shared the limelight with his mum. They’re frequently photographed together, and some fans even thought his hit new song, ‘Supermarket Flowers’, was about her. Ed has since put them to rights, clarifying that it is written about his grandmother from his mum’s point of view (aww). He also famously bought a house for his parents. While this is perhaps a little extravagant for a Mother’s Day gift, it is perhaps something we should all aspire to . . . Or perhaps not.

Listen to Ed talk about how his mum inspires him in the clip below.

Eventim show: We’d prescribe a bit of Annie for Ed Sheeran and his Mum because . . . Well, let’s just say it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with hair colour!

David Walliams and his mum

David Walliams has a famously close relationship with his mum. Like Russell Brand, he frequently involves her in his projects. Perhaps most famously putting her on the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel in 2016.

More recently, she appeared on ITV’s Nightly Show, where the judgement she gave was perhaps a little closer to home. The show has famously been struggling for ratings since its launch. 

Eventim show: We think David’s mum would probably appreciate Tom Jones, or maybe even rock out to some J. Cole – we reckon there’s a good chance she enjoys a bit of hip-hop.

All in all . . .

Whatever you do, don’t forget your mum this year. We know that mums aren’t just ‘mums’ – they don’t all like Tom Jones and Donny Osmond.

So, we’ve made it easier by letting you choose from our carefully hand-picked shows we think are ideal for any mums this Mother’s Day.







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