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Want to know what the next big thing is? Course you do. Discovery 2 at 229 The Venue, showcases the sharpest emerging talent on the last Thursday of every month.

The award-winning rockers from Seoul, Asian Chairshot, will be performing there this week, so we thought we’d get to know them bit better before they becomes too famous to spare us five minutes. 


Your band is named after an illegal wrestling move. Which one of you would be most likely to win in a wrestling match?

We’d all break the rules and there would be plenty of foul play. The wrestling match would end up without any winner.

Sum up your music in just three words?

Orient, sorrow and alcohol

What’s the biggest difference between audiences in the UK and audiences in Korea?

The main difference between UK and Korean audiences is the way they enjoy the show. UK audiences appreciate the sound and atmosphere. Whilst Korean fans have fun with the show.

Proudest musical moment?

We won best rock music award for Korean Music Award in 2015. We were so proud of the award. And it means more than just an award. Hope we can win an award for UK top 100.

Proudest non-musical moment?

We’re in our mid thirties. But people normally guess that we’re in our twenties. So we’re always proud of that moment!

What can’t you live without on tour?

All of us love Alcohol and cigarettes. We can’t live without these!

What do you miss most about Korea when you’re away?

There’s Alcohol called Soju in Korea. It’s one of the most popular alcohol in Korea. but we would rather not to buy this abroad since it is expensive outside Korea.

Who are your idols?

Led Zeppelin for drummer idol, Radiohead for Guitarist idol, and Deul Guk Hwa – 1980’s legendary rock band in Korea – for vocalist idol. A collective group of the best musicians EVER.

Favourite place to hang out whilst on UK turf?

We went to Camden town few days ago, loved the atmosphere of freedom and many live music clubs. That area reminded us Hongdae in Korea. You can feel quite similar things with Camden town if you visit there.

Get your tickets to see Asian Chairshot, Nick Aslam’s Rebel City Revival, D. B. Cohen’s brass laden modern roots music and Manu Chau-Esc reggae rock band ‘Eat Your Greens’ at Discovery Showcase this Thursday 27 October.


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