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Want to know what the next big thing is? Course you do. Discovery 2 at 229 The Venue showcases the sharpest emerging talent on the last Thursday of every month.

Award-winning singer Rachael Sage will be performing there tomorrow, so we thought we’d get to know her a bit better before she becomes an international superstar. Rachael is pretty big in her home town of New York already. She’s also a talented ballerina too. Here’s what the lovely lass kindly shared with us.

Sum your music up in three words?
Colorful chamber pop

How do you beat stage nerves?
I only get nervous if my mother is in the audience – ha! And I have no idea how to combat that, so when she’s there I’m nervous. But I suppose it adds an extra “edge” that can translate as intensity/energy. I feel very comfortable on stage in general. Offstage I’m often a wreck – I’m one of those introverted extroverts!

What’s your favourite party trick?
I have a trick where I balance a fork on a quarter or a wine glass. It seems to impress people and sometimes I just do it to make the waiter or waitress at a restaurant smile.

Most-listened to song. EVER?
“Breathe”, by Maria McKee

Most-watched film. EVER?
“A Little Romance” with Diane Lane and Sir Laurence Olivier

Who first inspired you to sing?
Carole King. Until I heard her I really was happy to just be a songwriter for other people. Hearing her voice and seeing how down to earth and ‘accessible’ she was – not your typical diva and a very unique character to her voice – made me think ‘maybe I can actually do this!’

Favourite ballet to watch live?
I think it’s a three-way tie: Balanchine’s “Concerto Barocco”, “Jewels” or “Who Cares”.

Favourite place to chill out in London?
Camden! I wrote of my new record holed up in a hotel there last summer between festivals.

Your proudest music moment?
My proudest musical moment is definitely winning the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. I’m not one for contests and awards usually, but John Lennon and his music meant everything to me growing up, so the fact that a contest bearing his name – still endorsed by Yoko Ono – chose to honor one of my songs left me pretty varklempt! Yoko signed the congratulatory letter and I have it framed in my MPress Record office.

Favourite song to dance to?
I love dancing to anything by Madonna. She just knows how to make a fun dance track better than anyone. And there’s always a nostalgia-factor, because her music was like our mini-rebellion as young ballet students! We’d dance to classical in class, then put on our headphones and listen to her, fantasizing we were pop stars of course. ‘Ray Of Light’, ‘Like A Prayer’ and ‘Borderline’ are my absolute favorites.

Get your tickets to see Rachael as well as Kolo, Amy Odell and Moth Trap perform live.

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