5 reasons tickets for a show are a better Easter gift than chocolate



It’s Easter this weekend and if you are trying to be healthy or feel like getting your children/significant other/best friend/granny or whoever you celebrate the holiday with something a little different, then we have the perfect idea…tickets for a show!

Here are five reasons why tickets are a better gift than chocolate…

Tickets are healthier for you 

While we can’t confirm the exact number of calories a ticket adds up to, we can tell you that it is less than a chocolate egg! If you’re trying to be healthy or want to get a bit more fit then dancing around at a concert is a much more fun way of doing it! 5 Seconds of Summer and Macklemore are our top pics!

They make lasting memories

Do you remember the chocolate egg you feasted upon last Easter? How about the year before that? If you do then give yourself a pat on the back as you have one hell of a memory! However, chances are that you don’t really, but do you know what you will remember? The memories you create at an event will stay with you forever – that hilarious joke Katherine Ryan made or that trick Dynamo just did is more likely to make you smile this time next year than thinking about the number of Mini Eggs you gorged on…

There is more variety

Yes there may be a lot of different types of chocolate eggs to choose from now, but at the end of the day they are all just that – a sweet confectionery. When it comes to thinking about which events to buy tickets for there is so much to choose from; rock & pop concerts, festivals, comedy, classical shows and many, many more.

You get to see your favourite artists

This is an obvious one, but tickets to a show are great because they tend to be the only time you can get up close and personal with your favourite artists. If your partner is a huge Little Mix fan then getting tickets to see The Get Weird Tour instead of an egg will go down a treat!

 You also get to spend time with friends and loved ones

The best part about going to a show? You get to experience it with your friends or family and that makes it more exciting than any type of choccie egg you could buy – although we will probably still tuck into a couple this Sunday too….

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