5 Stages of realising Valentine’s Day is THIS WEEK!

Valentine's Day Tickets

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a mere  36 or so hours away and while the shops may have been filled with heart shaped chocolates and “I’m Fine!” cards since December 26th, here are some thoughts you may have over the next couple of days…

I’m confused. It’s Valentine’s Day?!

Wait, what? Well that actually kind of crept up on us. Since when was it even February?!


giphy (36)

Time to panic!
Haven’t yet even thought about a gift for your other half? Having vivid nightmares of you being marched to the dog house? You’re not alone!

giphy (37)

Calmness.. followed by more panic
It’s fine, right? I have enough time to go and find a gift. But I *do* have work drinks tomorrow night so will probably be out of action on Saturday. OH DEAR LORD I AM GOING TO BE IN TROUBLE!

giphy (38)


The day comes and you’ve found a last minute gift – sure it’s a teddy bear and a chocolate rose you found last night in your local Tesco, but it’s the thought that counts! Plus there are so many fun online gifs (like the one below) I can send that will make him/her laugh and forget all about how obvious it is I forgot today was coming!

giphy (41)

There’s always cheap chocolate…. and a lesson learned!

I *WILL* be better and more prepared next year….Once I’ve finished eating this half price chocolate heart…

giphy (40)

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