6 Iconic Late 90s/Early Noughties R&B Moments


R&B megastars Ashanti and Joe are reuniting for a very special gig at the Eventim Apollo (get tickets here!) To celebrate, we’ve been counting down our most memorable moments from this golden era in R&B.

The last decade has brought us some excellent music moments in R&B, pop and hiphop, it must be said. But today, we want to take it right back to the time before Rihanna became a household name. Before Britney Spears sensationally shaved her head and went on a rampage with an umbrella.

Remember the time when you couldn’t download music instantly onto your phone – you had to wait for whole minutes, sometimes hours, to download a single track onto your computer, before painstakingly copying them over one by one onto your MiniDisc player? If you don’t, you probably won’t relate to some of these iconic moments – but if you do, let us take you on a glorious journey through some of the best moments in R&B from the late 90s to early noughties.

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