A chat with inspirational anti-cancer Fight Back Festival organiser Claire Price


Eventim Spotlights talks to Claire Price the driving force behind the brand new Fight Back Festival to get the latest news and to hear about what kick-started her to create this event

Fight Back Festival takes place 12 – 13 July. Get your tickets here: www.eventim.co.uk/fightbackfestival 

HK: Hey Claire! I’m really pleased to have been introduced to you and I’d love to hear more about Fight Back Festival. How did you come up with the idea for the event?

Claire:  I’m massively passionate about music and I’m hugely passionate about fundraising for cancer charities. I go to a lot of festivals myself, and I just thought it would be fun to link the 2 things together, putting on a music event for everyone to enjoy and to hopefully make lots of money for Cancer Research UK and Macmillan in the process!

Fight Back Festival will take place at the Bridge Pub in Ebbw Vale, and 100% of all money raised will be going to these charities.

HK: What made you decide to work with those two charities?

Claire: Unfortunately everyone seems to know someone or has personally been affected by this terrible disease… I tirelessly fundraise for Cancer charities after losing all but one of my Grandparents, my Uncle, and a few friends through the disease. I have a friend with sarcoma who has been fighting it the last few years. He’s only 33.

My Nan is my main inspiration for fundraising. I lost her in 2010. She was amazing and we were extremely close. I’ve done tons of stuff from sky dives, zip wires, bungee jumps etc., I’m doing the 24 hour relay for life again this year – my third year, I’ve also done 10k race For life several times, and helped organise Bingo, Quiz and Band nights etc. The list goes on!

HK: Is this the first time you’ve ever organised an event like this?

Claire: Yes, I’ve never done a two-day event like this before, but after the amazing support I’ve had I’ll definitely be doing it again!!! Cancer is an awful disease and I won’t stop until we help find a cure sooner!

I’m hiking the Inca trail in Peru next year! I need to raise a minimum of £4,000 to take part in that for Macmillan Cancer Support, so I am planning a load of fundraising events to raise as much as I possibly can for these cancer charities.

HK: What made you decide to take hike the Inca trail?

Claire: The Inca trail is an extra special challenge for me, as Nan and I talked extensively about me traveling and just before she died we discussed places we’d both like to visit. South America was somewhere Nan had wished she could have seen. In particular Brazil to see Christ the Redeemer and Peru to walk the Inca Trail.

I made a promise to her then that one day I would do it for her. When I saw this opportunity I couldn’t believe how perfect it would be to keep my promise to Nan and hopefully raise lots of money for cancer charities in her memory!

HK: Got to ask the question…how much is Fight Back Festival costing you to put on?

Claire: Well, so far I have managed to source everything for free! The venue, all the DJ’s, all the bands, the staging, the lighting, 20k rig, all equipment requirements, live streaming of the event, videoing and recording of the event, the stewards, the security, all the artwork, flyers/posters and printing, even all the food for the BBQ!!!

This means 100% of everything raised will go directly to the charities!!!! I was determined for this to happen right from the start!  Everyone was saying you’ll have to pay for this, and you’ll have to pay for that…. ha ha!

HK: Huge congratulations, that is so, so impressive! Who is playing at the festival?

Fight Back festival organiser Claire Price.

Fight Back festival organiser Claire Price.

Claire:  Thank you! I have DJ’s secured for the Sat including some big international names such as Lisa Loud. I have the best of local Welsh talent and bands booked for the Sunday such as The Undivided, Fireroad, Red Room Therapy, Ataraxis Vibration etc. The support that has been shown so far has been awesome!

Fight Back Festival takes place 12 – 13 July. Get your tickets here: www.eventim.co.uk/fightbackfestival 

Claire would like to thank the following people for their continued support:

There are so many people that I just simply would not have been able to pull this off without their support! I really hope I don’t forget anyone! Apologies if I do!!! I would like to thank all the artists involved, all the bands & the DJ’s who have all been extremely generous in donating their time to the cause for free. An extra special thank you to my very good friend Toni Jarvis who has not only agreed to DJ for free, but has also designed all the artwork, posters, e-flyer, flyer, social media pics and banners…Seb Rumore again for DJ’ing but also for plugging the event on his radio show on Passion FM. Lisa Loud for headlining the DJ day and for all the promotional help. Alan Cottam at Wild print for printing all the flyers and posters. Chris Peet and the rest of the boys at the Bridge Pub, Ebbw Vale. The Headfunkt guys at Monmouth for the PA system, DJ’s and ongoing support. Pete Morris for being my ever present sounding board. Umong Shah for hooking us up Hels, and of course yourselves for helping out with the online ticketing! The local butchers who have donated the food for the BBQ M & D Embrey Butchers. Tesco for donating BBQ food and all the rolls! Paul Scaffolding for the staging, and all the sound and lighting guys. All the volunteer stewards, St Johns Cymru, and all my friends who have supported, shared and helped to flyer, and put up with my obsession over this event for the last few months haha!!!!

But most of all my Nan for being so amazing and being my inspiration – This is for you!

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