A Quick Look at the ‘Summer’ So Far…

So, we’re only half way through the ‘summer’ and already we’ve seen a whole host of amazing and, some might say controversial, shows so far.

Madonna caused quite a stir in Hyde Park this week by getting her kit off, although she avoided being cut off; a fate that had befallen Bruce Springsteen and Sir Paul McCartney a few days earlier. We’ve had Download, Hop Farm and Isle Of Wight festivals all welcoming tens of thousands of hardened festival goers despite the less than pleasant weather, picnicked in Trafalgar Square for the Queen’s Jubilee and even revived our hope – sort of – in the England football team after a respectable Euro 2012.

Anyway, as we said, that’s only the half of it. Still to come we have Olly Murs, The Rat Pack, Van Morrison and Jessie J all playing huge outdoor concerts. Global Gathering, Splendour In Nottingham and Wilderness festivals plus Jamaica 50, the two week of gigs and comedy to celebrate 50 years of Jamaican independence at the IndigO2 starting next week.

And the weather is supposed to be improving!

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