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10 Reasons You Need the Eventim App in Your Life


1. Like going to live music, comedy and more? Annoyed by the stuff you want to go to selling out before you can get to a computer?

We are here to help; you can buy tickets at any time, anywhere using the Eventim app’s slick and easy to use interface.

2. Pick the best seats in the house. Use the Eventim app’s interactive seat map to choose which seats you want to sit in! You can even zoom in or out if you wish!

3.  Ever been stuck in that awkward situation where you do not really want to talk to someone so you pretend to be busy on your phone?

Well with a wide range of concerts, festivals sporting events from across the country, there is plenty of new and exciting stuff happening all the time to mean you are not just pretending any more.


4. Personalise your experience. Only see the events you want to see by telling the app where you want to go and what kind of thing you are interested in.

5. Integrate your Facebook likes and your iTunes music library so upcoming concerts from your favourite artists appear instantly, and you can book tickets in a matter of seconds.

6. Rub in your friend’s and family’s faces that you are cooler than them. Or celebrate the epic time you had together! Take pictures at shows and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

7. Don’t miss out on the gig everyone is talking about! Notifications are sent direct to your phone as soon as tickets from your favourite artists go on sale!

8. Try before you buy! We know that your money is precious so listen to clips from the artists you are interested in before you buy their tickets.

9. Crowd sourced opinion. Don’t just take our word for things – see what the fans have to say with Fan Review.

10. Don’t go to gigs alone! Start the conversation about shows by sharing them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t stay in! Find a gig, find a comedian, find a band, find your night out and find your weekend!

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About Eventim UK

Eventim UK is a London based ticketing company and part of CTS EVENTIM AG, Europe's largest ticketing provider. As members of STAR (Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers) we comply with a code of practice designed to protect customers.

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