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Calibro 35 are a cinematic funk Italian band that formed in 2007 in Milan. They formed when Italian producer Tommaso Colliva and guitarist Massimo Martellotta invited Enrico Gabrielli, Luca Cavina and Fabio Rondanini to what was supposed to be a five days long, one-off studio project, re-recording obscure music from Italian exploitation movie soundtracks.

Since their formation in 2007 they’ve released four albums and several movie soundtracks. They have also had their songs on Jay Z’s Picasso Baby, and Dr. Dre’s One Shot One Kill. We spoke to them ahead of their gig at London’s Under the Bridge.  

You’re celebrating a decade since you released your first album, what’s your highlight from the past 10 years?

It’s difficult to pinpoint just one, but our tour in February was mental. And performing to 1400 people in Milan for two hours with an instrumental concert was phenomenal.

What can fans expect from your London show?

We’re bring our six-piece show to London, with added vibraphone/percussions and baritone sax. This is the only show on our European tour that we’re doing this, as we really, really, really wanted to for our UK show. The setlist is going to be a balance between our last album, our ten year long repertoire, and some badass obscure ‘60s Italian soundtracks.

What’s your favourite thing about performing in London?

There’s a sense of challenge every time you are here. There are countless concerts going on every day in the city, so you can’t be average. You need to stand out and we want put on a really special show.

You’re playing a lot of UK festivals this summer, is there any in particular that you’re looking forward to?

It’s going to be amazing, we’re really looking forward to Kendal Calling, Enrico actually went last year, with PJ Harvey.

Where’s your favourite place to perform?

Our favourite place is everywhere really! Of course we do love small venues because they have a cosy and intimate vibe, but we’ve also adapted to bigger venues, including stadiums (e.g. opening for Muse) or huge festivals (last night in Rome for example) and we love that too. It’s a challenge to perform our music in these different environments, and we love a challenge.

Calibro 35 will play London’s Under the Bridge, Saturday 12th May 2018 – if you want to be there for their special London show, make sure you grab tickets here.

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