**Calling all dog lovers** Cesar Millan launches new live show

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music poster

Have you been a good boy? We hope so, because the world’s best known dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, has launched a new global tour and is coming to the UK to tame even the most troublesome of mutts.

Cesar Millan will be taking the audience on an educational journey through all the stages of a dog’s life. Cesar Millan LIVE Once Upon a Dog Tour will feature dog behavior explanations, video, personal memories and canine entertainment for the whole family.

Known for his hit television series ‘Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan’ and his latest series ‘Cesar To The Rescue’, Millan is the preeminent authority in the field of dog rehabilitation. He will reveal his philosophy of trust, respect and love with the audience in this entertaining live show.

During the live show, Millan will perform training demos and share valuable lessons through everyday situations including:

• How to introduce a new dog into your home.
• How to fulfil your dogs’ needs
• Building a strong relationship based on trust, respect and love.
• A dog’s transformation from “Prince Charming” to “Rulers of the Household”
• Common behaviors during a dog’s life cycle
• Techniques to prevent common dog misbehaviours
• How to move on when losing your best friend

Please note, to avoid total canine chaos: Patrons are not permitted to bring dogs into the venue except approved service dogs.

No filming or photography

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