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Beatles Sessions at Black Island Studios London, by Tom Oldham 28/10/15

Beatles Sessions at Black Island Studios London, by Tom Oldham 28/10/15

Could Beatlemania make a return half a decade later? Following the release of the Fab Four’s music on streaming services, we wouldn’t be so surprised if it does.

Since we’ve been able to stream their music from Thursday 24th December 2015, The Beatles have once again scored some pretty big figures, with fans old and new across the globe once again listening to the likes of ‘Hey Jude’, ‘Let It Be’ and ‘Come Together’.

While we won’t ever get the chance to see the greatest band of all time perform again, what better way is there to celebrate their music than by experiencing a LIVE re-staging of the Abbey Road recordings with The Sessions?

Touring arenas across the country in April and May, The Sessions stages spectacular new live renditions of the classic albums recorded at the famous studios in a show which promises to be part blockbuster, part access-all-areas musical documentary.

The audience will be placed around three sides of the ‘Studio’, which offers a fly-on-the-wall-esque intimacy.

Speaking ahead of the tour, producer Jef Hanlon said:  “An incredible amount of research has gone into the show – we wanted to be as true to the original process as possible. All instrumentation, arrangements and vocals will be performed identically to the original recordings – there will even be seven singers to recreate the multi-tracked vocals pioneered by The Beatles.”

The Sessions tickets are available here.

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