Which are the coolest theatres in London?

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Well as you may be slightly aware, we are going through something of a heatwave at the moment. A truly scorching season of summer, with rain seeming like a long forgotten memory. And with the Met Office telling us that this will be the way possibly until October, you may be looking for a way to beat the heat.

Now, putting yourself in a dark room filled with hundreds of other people may not sound like a sure-fire way to reduce sweating out your own body weight. But dear reader, listen up! We have scoured the theatres of London and undertook the gruelling task of finding which have the best AIR-CONDITIONING to keep you cool and comfortable, as you get a big face full of acting. We did it all for you.

  1. The Comedy About A Bank Robbery
    From the makers of the Play That Goes Wrong, get ready for more gut–busting comedy. One of our test subjects, laughed so much they cried. And due to the sheer power of their arctic air conditioning they froze to his face. Don’t worry he de-frosted quickly when we took him on the Central Line.

    Air Conditioning Rating: As cool as a cucumber wearing sunglasses indoors.

  2. 42nd Street For toe-tappingly good time head on down to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane for 42nd Street. Whilst the performers on-stage work up a sweat with their dazzling choreography, you can relax as the sweet caress of conditioned air surrounds you.

    Air Conditioning Rating: As refreshing as jumping nude into a bath of fresh mint.

  3. HONORABLE MENTION: Little Shop of Horrors Now this show gets a little shout out. There are some of you out there who live for this weather. You spend as much time as you can outside.  As soon as winter hits you count down the days on your Calendar, playing ‘Here Comes The Sun’ on repeat until that sweet yellow ball of fire in the sky re-appears again. Summer is life. So if that sounds like you, go see Little Shops of Horrors in the open air theatre in Regents Park.

    Air Conditioning Rating: We know the British weather is changeable, so hopefully a gentle breeze shall waft through. Just don’t sit in direct sunlight.


  4. Witness for the Prosecution This is a show with a twist. You take part in a court case and get to decide the verdict! Imagine it like you’re taking part in your own version of 12 Angry Men, but instead of  being trapped in a tiny room with a broken fan, you have industrial air conditioning and the lovely airy space that is the London County Hall.  So as the pressure ramps up, rest assured you can keep a cool head.

    Air Conditioning Rating: As chilly as the walk-in freezer in an Igloo.


  5. The Great Gatsby You are invited to the hottest party in town. For fans of those who have read the book and seen the film, this immersive version of The Great Gatsby has something for everyone. Whilst the action sizzles around you, you can stay cool in Gatsby’s Drugstore.  So put on your dancing shoes, get ready for some smooth jazz and enjoy an ice-cold cocktail.

    Air Conditioning Rating: As cool as a French Penguin in a Tuxedo.

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