David Ford: The Cluny, Newcastle

David Ford: The Cluny, Newcastle


Wednesday 27th November 2013

David Ford’s passionate live performances and his exquisite song-writing craft have won him a devoted and loyal fan base across the USA, Canada and the UK. The epitome of the ‘cult’ artist, David Ford is loved by everyone who has ever heard him and yet remains a complete unknown to the majority of people.

His fan’s devotion is typified by the American ‘hotel executive’ who has made it his role to sort out a decent and free hotel room for Ford in every town he plays in throughout the USA and for no other reason than “it’s the least I can do for an Artist as great as Ford…”

Seeing that David Ford doesn’t feel at all comfortable using the fashionable ‘fan funded’ style of financing for his recordings, David has opted to make his living for the past seven years through old fashioned hard work; touring, doing house gigs and playing at fans’ weddings from Oklahoma USA to Tyneside UK, no journey is too far if there’s a gig and hot meal at the end of it.

The troubadour tradition lives on. And you can see it in action at The Cluny, Newcastle

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