Deregulating Live Music

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We are very glad to hear hear the news today that the goverment are relaxing regulations on Live music licences for small venues with a capacity of under 200 people. The change will allow music to be played between the hours of 08.00 and 23.00 and has been met with approval from Musicians and Business owners. When they first introduced the licencing laws in 2003 the aim was to create more live music of a higher quality but as we saw the opposite was to become true with many smaller venues turning into just bars or shutting down all together. We are very happy to hear the government is taking an active interest in the live music of this country and trying to help smaller sometimes independent promoters and venues.

Business Minister Michael Fallon said: “From today businesses are freed from the red tape that holds them back.”

Jazz musician Buster Birch described the change as “a huge thing”, adding that live music is “very important for our society and our culture.”

The change was introduced by Liberal Democrat Dan Foster in order to overthrow some of the bureaucracy imposed by the 2003 Licensing Act and is part of an initiative to scrap or reduce a total of 3,000 regulations.  “I’m determined to slim down regulation and make Britain an easier place to start and run a business” said Business Minister Michael Fallon.


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