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Disney spectacular to take families on a whirlwind tour of contemporary and classic Disney tales


The action-packed ice spectacular that has been dazzling UK arenas for years will makes its debut in Leeds next Spring, as Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy will come to the first direct arena this March.

Tickets are on general sale from Friday 27th September 2013. Don’t miss out! set a  Disney on Ice tickets alarm here.

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy whisks audiences on a captivating adventure to four magical locations, including the auto-racing terrain of Cars and a visit to Andy’s bedroom for some fun with the stars of Toy Story 3. This production delights audiences with a journey under the sea to Ariel’s world from The Little Mermaid and then into the mystical land of Pixie Hollow for a presentation of Tinker Bell.

[quote]“To be the first to introduce the Tinker Bell story live on ice and to be entrusted with the beloved Toy Story characters is incredible, and we are thrilled to bring these heart warming tales to families,” says producer Nicole Feld.[/quote]

The on-ice excitement begins when an adventurous Mickey Mouse embarks on a journey with Minnie Mouse to uncover each world of fantasy, but the plan goes awry when their cherry red roadster unexpectedly breaks down. Although Donald Duck and Goofy try, it takes the assistance of the coolest cars on the ice to get the pistons firing again. Direct from Radiator Springs, Mater, Lightning McQueen and Sally speed into action, zipping and zooming around the frozen highway in an effort to re-energize the roadster.

The life-sized Cars characters were developed by the innovative minds of the prop team led by Feld Entertainment Vice President of Scenic Elements Rick Papineau. Each car took 2,000 man hours to build and is outfitted with custom animatronics including blinking eyes and hydraulic lifts that bounce to the beat of the music. Mater and McQueen even come complete with moving mouths, enabling their dynamic personalities to shine through each time they speak. “The cars are going to be a big surprise because no one will expect them to be so animated, so large or so realistic,”says Papineau.

As Mickey and Minnie’s “road trip” continues, Production Designer Jeremy Railton’s whimsical scenery transforms the arena into an environment that captures the essence of each unique world to follow. Fluorescent coral and clam shell drums embody Ariel’s world in The Little Mermaid and audiences enter the colourful fantasy land of fairies for the Tinker Bell segment in Pixie Hollow.

Because fairies are miniature in size, Railton used inflatable technology to create a giant tree backdrop. In the finale, larger than life butterflies float onto the ice as oversized inflatable flowers bloom around the ice signifying the arrival of spring.

With the arena’s unique fan shaped format bringing customers even closer to the action, families will be able to enjoy all the beautiful components that make the Disney On Ice show a magical event.#

The second act of Worlds of Fantasy brings together all the fun, humour and warmth of the beloved Disney/Pixar film Toy Story 3. Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the familiar gang hit the ice for the ultimate Toy Story experience. A completely different creative team put together the lighting, costumes and tailor-made choreography for this high energy segment of the production.

Worlds of Fantasy offers the perfect combination for fans of Disney On Ice.[quote] “From the contemporary feel of Carsand Toy Story 3 to the timeless quality of The Little Mermaid and Tinker Bell, audiences will see four completely different Disney worlds brought to life,” says producer Kenneth Feld. [/quote]

With a host of award winning talent providing the choreography, lighting and costumer design, enter some of cinemas most magical worlds (both old and new) with your children this spring at Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy at first direct arena this March.

Tickets are on general sale from Friday 27th September 2013. Buy Disney on Ice tickets here.

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