Europe’s Strongest Man – Not sure what to expect?

Europe's Strongest Man

Europe's Strongest Man

Some of the world’s strongest men are heading to the first direct arena in Leeds on Saturday 9 July to take part in Europe’s Strongest Man and the World Deadlift Championships.

This is the flagship event in the Giants Live World Tour and will be filmed for a Channel 5 Christmas special, kicking off with the World Deadlift Championships – Who knows, you might even get the chance to be on the TV!

While the line up is filled with extraordinary ‘giants’, here are the three we’re looking out for in particular:

Strongest Man contenders

We wouldn’t want to get on their bad side!

So, how do they prove who’s the strongest? By lifting a load of heavy things, of course…

Strongest Man Deadlift


Strongest Man - Keg Toss


Strongest Man - Atlas Stones

We definitely couldn’t lift all those burgers, but we sure could try eating them all!

Europe’s Strongest Man tickets are on sale now. Find yours here.

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