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Comedian and TV star Josh Widdicombe is in the middle of his latest stand-up tour and is currently filming Channel 4’s ‘The Last Leg’ in Brazil covering the Rio Paralympics. We managed to catch up with him to see how he’s doing and find out what to expect from him ahead of his tour dates this October…

What can we expect from your new tour, ‘What Do I Do Now…’?
It is my fourth stand up tour and the one I am most proud of. I won’t be making any big points about the world, but there are lots and lots of jokes about things that annoy me. What more could you want?

Have you ever suffered from writer’s block when it comes to creating new material?
Not so far, there are just far too many things to complain about in the modern world. If ever I become content I think I am in trouble.

Do you have any pre-show routines or any traditions you like to stick to?
 About 6 years ago I started splashing my face with water to cool myself down before a gig. Now I have to do it for the five minutes before I go on. I reckon I go through a bath worth’s a tour.

The tour will be taking you to the Tyne Theatre & Opera House in Newcastle – Will you be taking in some North East culture while you’re there? Perhaps indulging in a parmo and some Newcastle Brown Ale?
I have no idea what parmo is but yes please! As for Newcastle Brown Ale, I will insist that I consume no other drink during my time in the North East.

Your ‘The Last Leg’ co-star Adam Hills is appearing at the Eventim Apollo two days after you are – will you be there to support him? Or perhaps heckle him from the crowd?
Um… well… Oh no it looks like I’m washing my hair. Definitely next time...

Obviously you’re playing at some fantastic venues on this tour. Have you ever had any moments on stage where you’ve had to pinch yourself?
The thought of playing the Apollo in my own right is the most exciting/nerve wracking thing that has ever happened. I can’t believe it is going to happen, in fact I still think it is a prank and on the day my agent is going to say it has been moved to a 100-seater venue just up the road.

What’s the funniest heckle you’ve ever had?
After a tour show in Nottingham I was once given a note that an audience member had written to their friend. It just said “Is he the guy from the Hobbit?”. I was heckled silently after the event, unbelievable.

How are you finding Brazil? Is it less stressful than your trip to Australia? Brazil is so much fun. The only problem is finding vegetarian food, I have lived on bread for a week now, feel like I am in solitary confinement.

One of our team members is from Devonshire herself and has some funny stories about getting lost on the moors – Do you have any silly stories from the shire yourself from your younger years? (She would also like to know if you miss working at Safeway in Totnes?!)
Too many to mention. But I did once burn my shins doing a sponsored walk over the moors. We were wearing wellies full of custard, my mum hadn’t thought I may want it served at a lower temperature than you would on an apple crumble. Ouch.

Thanks for speaking with us Josh. We’ll be seeing you next month!

What Do I Do Now? Tour Dates
Thursday 6 October – Eventim Apollo, London
Sunday 16 October – York Barbican, York
Saturday 29 October – Tyne Theatre & Opera House, Newcastle

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