Eventim Spotlights featuring Elle Exxe: One year on….


It’s been a big year for Edinburgh star Elle Exxe who is undoubtedly ‘exxterminating’ the new music scene. With a busy 12 months since her first gig, and a few days to go until the anniversary gig at 229 The Venue we catch a few minutes with her to talk about her 2015 highlights, the support from her team and find out when we can get our hands on the new album!

Elle Exxe

Describe the last 12 months in 5 words:
Exxciting. Hectic. Mental. Heartbreaking. Awesome.

What has been your career highlight so far?
Headlining Koko [1800 capacity venue in Camden, North London].

We can’t wait to hear your new album, when is it due to drop?
This summer! I can’t wait for you to hear it!

You’ve been so well received in your home town of Edinburgh, how does it feel to have that support?
It’s ace, I love Edinburgh so much. I hope I get to headline the castle someday.

Tell us more about the team around you.
I have a wonderful team of friends who make me pinch myself daily. My manager Umong Shah deserves a special shout out, he’s one of my best friends and has totally changed my life for the better. I really value the fact that all my team work for the love of music and creativity. We’re all trying to create something beautiful together and it’s our passion that makes it work so well. I’m incredibly proud to be associated with such fantastic people and honoured that they believe in me enough to tough it out. This can be such a lonely business…I can’t thank them enough <3

It’s been a year since your last Discovery2 show, the event that launched Elle Exxe, can you tell us a little more about the upcoming Discovery2 gig on 25th Feb?
Discovery2 is one of London’s best music showcase events. It’s not snobby, there’s no hierarchy or politics to being picked, it’s just straight up good music. It’s the anniversary of our debut London show last year; so we’ll be turning it up a notch and adding some new songs from the album. We’ gonna #Exxterminate (sic.)

To any musicians starting out, what’s the best piece of advice you’d give them?
Always be humble and grateful; remember how lucky you are to have the talents you’ve been given and never take that gift for granted. Stay focussed, strong and determined and never ever stop dreaming.
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