Eventim Spotlights gets to know electro indie band Apollo Junction

Apollo J 1

Apollo J 1


It’s not every band that gets called “tremendous” and “very handsome” by Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2. Add this level of praise to the critical acclaim received on their music from The Sun, The Times, BBC 6 Music and everyone in between and you get Apollo Junction.

Eventim Spotlights got in touch with the Leeds based five piece to find out more about their secrets to success, what keeps them focused and career highlights to date…

For those readers who don’t know you, give us a 140 character intro to Apollo Junction

Apollo Junction BBC6, Radio 2 & XFM played featured in The Sun, Times and Mirror but to describe us in just 140 characters is far too difficult.

With praise from industry giants such as Tom Robinson and Steve Lamacq what a ride it has been so far for you guys! As an unsigned band how do you get your music heard?

We honestly work so hard to get the name out there and the music heard, but we have been so lucky that whenever anyone has listened they enjoy it and have supported us. The usual means such as Twitter and Facebook have helped loads, [as well as] gigging loads, talking to our fans and giving people our music to listen to.

Apollo J 1

You’re clearly a very hard working band, how do you all keep focused?

I think the idea of all this fun stopping one day, horrifies us. There would no creative outlet; we’d have to cut our hair, stop wearing uncomfortable tight jeans and [start wearing] normal shoes.

I think imagining not making it keeps you focused.

Tell us what your Apollo Junction highlights have been so far.

Well it’s hard because we have had so many. Being played on BBC Radio 2 & BBC 6 Music and being described as ‘magnificent’ by The Sun has just been brilliant.

We managed to play on the Main Stage at Bingley Festival with James and Cast who are just total heroes of ours.

Who inspires you?

I know this is going to be really cheesy, but here we go! We inspire each other, we push each other, we hate each other sometimes, love each other sometimes but we are brothers (not genetically thank God)!

Can you give us a sneak preview into what we can expect from your show at 229 with Discovery2?

We have a massive sound, you’ll worry the roof might blow off. People always end up dancing, and enjoying our show.

What do you think the secret is behind becoming a successful musician and do you have any tips for new artists?

Be opened minded and listen to as much music as you can. Only be in a band with mates you trust. Make sure you love the music you make.

Work hard, practise loads and the rest will come. Then we all just have to pray that the light will hit us one day.

Catch Apollo Junction live at 229 The Venue on the 29th October 2015.

Apollo J 3

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