Eventim Spotlights meets Discovery Talent music promoter Alex Kerr-Wilson


Alex Kerr-Wilson Credit: Michicolor

Eventim Spotlights meets Discovery Talent music promoter Alex Kerr-Wilson

This week we’ve been talking to new music promoter Alex Kerr-Wilson of Discovery Talent about her role in the industry and the up and coming artists to watch out for. Here is what she had to say;

Hey Alex! So first and foremost we’d love to know, how did you end up working in the music industry?

[Alex Kerr-Wilson] I was an avid reader of NME and saw an advert for a secretary to the Co Founder/Ad Director, the late Percy Dickins. I then moved into ad sales to be in charge of the Concert and Club pages, I was now able to go to lots of gigs as i was working amongst promoters and venue owners. I moved on to manage Orinoco studios (the first Midi studio in London) where Enya recorded her hit Orinoco Flow.

Whilst at the studio we set up a management company for producers and remixers who included Carl Cox & Tommy D (Right Said Fred). At this time i also learnt to DJ and was playing at various clubs and parties. I left the studio to start my own management company representing Dance Act Alex Party and Reggae artist Sarjant D. In 2003 Ruth Rothwell approached me about her idea of putting on new talent in decent venues and showcasing to the music industry, this was the start of the Discovery gigs.

What inspired you to start working with new bands?

[AKW] I am excited when i hear new sounds and innovation. Having worked in different areas of the business i realised i have a knowledge and understanding that can help new artists.

In addition to putting on the showcase gigs, I have partnered with a few music companies who give preferential rates to the acts that perform at Discovery gigs.

Tell us what is the most rewarding thing about your job?

[AKW] Seeing artists make it big knowing that in a small way I have helped them on their journey.

Do you have a favourite genre of music & if so, why?

[AKW] For me its Reggae, the original drum and bass. I used to follow The Clash and they were heavily influenced by the music. I’ve spent a lot of time in Jamaica, managed reggae artists, DJ’d at reggae clubs and had my own reggae label.

Have you got any tips for our readers on which artists/bands are the ones to watch right now?

[AKW] Strangefruit, Common Tongues, The Manic Shine, Louise Golbey, Little Brother Eli, Fjokra, Laid Blak, Desert Mountain Tribe, Eliza Shaddad, Big Zero, Alex Hulme, Affairs, Sample Answer, The Undivided, ShaoDow…


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Follow Alex Kerr-Wilson on twitter: @AKWmusic 

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  • Umong Shah

    Working with Alex really opened my eyes to how great it is working with emerging talent. She has taught me a lot and thanks to her I am where I am today!

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