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Ahead of his first UK show, Eventim Spotlights gets an introduction to Italian folk artist Damien McFly to hear about his influences, being a multi-instrumentalist and his best gig so far.

What made you want to become a musician?

 I discovered my interest for music when I was very young. I grew up singing with my older brother and sisters every night and I think this is one of the main reasons. After high school I realised that music had to be not just a hobby but my only aspiration. I love to play whether it’s to a small or big audience.  


 Which was the first instrument you learnt to play?

I started playing the guitar and the drums when I was 6, then I moved on to learn to play the piano.


What is your favourite musical instrument?

 I would say the piano because it has such a big variety of sounds


 Who inspires you?

 Right now I think Ben Howard and Mumford and Sons have the biggest influence on my music.


Tell me what the best gig you’ve had so far was.

Emotionally speaking I think it is my first show in the US. I played in a little venue in Chicago but people were really into my music and I was as nervous as it was my first show in the US.


And is there one you didn’t enjoy so much? 

 Yeah, one time I had to play during a football game, and the pub was almost empty.


 How is the music scene different here to in Italy?

 I think the main difference stays in the indie scene. The Italian scene is dominated by tribute bands and Italian pop singers. There’s an Indie scene but if you don’t work with big producers you won’t go that far.

 Can you give us an insight into your show at Discovery 2?

 I am excited as this will be my first UK show. I wouldn’t describe myself as being “your typical acoustic folk act”. I can hardly stay still in front of the mic, so even though I’m coming with just my mandolin player and not the full band the set is going to be energetic!


What is one piece of advice you’d give to musicians just starting out.

 The best advice I would give is to be consistent and to play as much as possible because even from playing small gigs you can get big contacts from them.


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