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Eventim Theatre & Attractions Launches

Be dazzled by Aladdin, enchanted by the Phantom, charmed by Annie or bewitched by Elphaba – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Let’s face it; we are always looking for the best deals, and all too aware of companies that are quite happy to take advantage of us. So, you’ll be pleased to learn that, at Eventim, we are expanding to bring you even more theatre & attractions from our trusted brand.


Eventim will now offer tickets for West End plays & musicals, more regional theatre, and even top attractions across the UK. And as if that’s not enough, we now have more sporting events than ever before! And make every event an experience with fantastic array of add-on packages, including meals, champagne receptions and so much more!

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Special offers

We’re proud that our new venture will offer you some fantastic deals on your favourite shows and attractions.

We have all the latest offers on West End classics, and a comprehensive selection of all the shows you might want to see. Our deals of the week (found under ‘This Week’s Top Offers’ on the site), are for one week only, and usually finish on Sunday evenings. We have 3 key offer styles:

  • Percentage off plain and simple saving on your ticket cost
  • A free glass of prosecco/food/etcyou can be tantalised by our food and drink combo offers to make your evening extra special
  • No booking fee for some shows, we’ll cut out the booking fee, so you can save even more


Don’t know what you want to see? Don’t worry! We’ve broken our theatre into interesting categories designed to make it easy to hunt out the hidden gems, as well as easily locate the classics.

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Trust Eventim

We’ve made it as simple as possible – for your theatre & attraction tickets simply bookmark www.eventim.co.uk/theatre

The site is intuitive, it’s easy to find the offers, and there’s a huge selection of shows.

At Eventim, we’re hugely passionate about being up-front, simple and reliable. Our new Theatre and Attractions site is no different!

Top Tip:

  • When you create your new login, keep it the same as the one you use for our Eventim UK main site.

About Eventim UK

Eventim UK is a London based ticketing company and part of CTS EVENTIM AG, Europe's largest ticketing provider. As members of STAR (Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers) we comply with a code of practice designed to protect customers.

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