Eventim Spotlights caught up with La Bête Blooms frontman Daniel Mawer ahead of their show at AAA West London promoting their new EP.

La Bete Blooms Wishing I Could Kill cover

La Bete Blooms Wishing I Could Kill cover

After a string of reverb-drenched singles, post-punk five-piece La Bête Blooms have honed in on a more gritty sound, capturing the taste of what it’s like to be from Hull, with this feedback-ridden self-titled debut, produced by Matt Peel (Pulled Apart By Horses, Eagulls).

The record brims with contrasting emotions from the city of culture, the conflict of positivity within the art scene of Hull, and the negative outside perception the city is up against.

From the bleak despair of first single ‘TV Speak’ to the newfound optimism of ‘Everyday’s the Same’, La Bête Blooms encapsulate a determination and desperation on tracks ‘Stay Away’ and EP closer ‘All For You’.


How did you end up forming the band?

I’d always wanted to form a band as a kid, and decided at 19 to bite the bullet and get on with it. Baring mind I could barely play an instrument, I asked friends I’d made at local music nights to help me out for a few gigs and we ended up making a beautiful racket for a number of years. Four years later, and we’re a family of band members and arty friends working as a collective.

What is your creative process; do you all write together?

I write the structure and lyrics to a song then take it to band practise where we all mess about with it until we’re happy.

How long did the new EP La Bête Blooms take to make?

We started the year excited to start fresh with our new guitarist John.  We’d never released more than one song a year, so we felt it was important to crack on with an E.P.

The recording process was split between three studios to give us as much time as possible to work on the tracks. We really wanted the songs to have an energy we’d not managed to record previously, and approached Matt Peel (Pulled Apart By Horses) to help us. Whereas before we’d had one day to record and mix a track and that was that, we managed to get a lot more hours working on the songs and making sure they were at a standard we were happy with.

It probably took a month of dotting all over the place, but we’ve had the E.P ready to go for a while and can’t wait to release it.

We all love the new video for TV Speak here! What made you decide to create an animated video for this track?

We’re so glad you like it! We’re very camera shy but wanted to get across who we were and what the song is all about, we knew a friend [Jake Machen, http://2dope2front.tumblr.com/] who created amazing animation.

We knew he could make us way more interesting then we actually are and set the scene for the song better then we ever could!

How did the idea come about for that particular song?

I sat watching horrible graphic images unfold on BBC News and felt really shocked by what I was seeing. My friend walked into the room and said ‘god that’s awful’ before turning it off so we could go get pizza.

It made me feel so weird that we could be that emotionally involved with what we were seeing, and so powerless, but then could turn off the TV, shut off what we’d seen and go chill and get pizza! I decided to write about it as a cathartic exercise.

It’s an exciting time for your hometown being nominated as The City Of Culture 2017, what positive changes do you expect from this status, that will affect your local music scene?

I believe the music scene here has massively helped Hull gain its City Of Culture status for 2017. The Freedom Festival inHull has captured everyone’s imagination and given the city a newfound love for the arts. Humber Street Sesh is a festival ran by the city’s creatives and has helped shine a mirror on local talent for the people of Hull to realise how amazing we really are as a city and what we can achieve together.

In the past people have left to other cities because they don’t believe that they can sustain a career in Hull. Since the City ofCulture status I’ve seen old faces return, realising that it’s a melting pot for the arts and will continue to grow.

We know how great we are, I hope that The City Of Culture can help change the rest of the UK’s perception of us, and help our local creative’s forge links to have a career here in Hull, rather then have to move away.

Can you give us some recommendations of local bands from your hometown and surrounding areas?

There are so many it’s silly.

‘The Hubbards’ write the most gorgeous three minute songs you’re ever likely to hear. ‘Holy Orders’ possess one of the wittiest songwriters I’ve ever met with their lead singer Matt Thompson.

‘King No-one’ are receiving national airplay and winning awards for all their hard work.

‘Paris XY’ are currently touring Poland and Austria with their mixture of house and garage.

‘Life’ ‘Black Delta Movement’, ‘Oedipus the King’ and ‘Dead Hormones’ are all amazing live acts, along with ‘End Of Level Baddie’ who are our festival crowd pleasers.

London has adopted one of our local bands ‘Nightflowers’ who have been championed by BBC Introducing a lot this year. I could go on forever!

Do you have a favourite venue to play/that you have played?

In Hull we have the historic Adelphi Club, the most beautifully grotty thing you’re ever likely to find.We have Fruit, a warehouse in the heart of the city’s regeneration project. And local night ‘The Sesh’ which has been running for 13 years, has recently moved to the Polar Bear, a traditional boozer with one of the best sound engineers in the region.

Outside of the city, Jamcafe in Nottingham is the perfect hangout, and Great Gatsby in Sheffield makes us feel like we’re at home!

Who are your musical influences?

Our band is a really weird mix of influences, but the Pixies are a band we all agree on.

 What should we expect from your show at AAA? Any setlist sneak peeks?

We can’t wait to play at AAA. The ethos of Discovery2 sounds fantastic and I’d like to give a big thank you to Alex Kerr, the promoter who helped us book this London date for our tour.

We’ll be playing the E.P with a couple of new songs we have lined up as singles for next year!

To get your tickets to see La Bête in action at Discovery 2 simply click here!

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