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We caught up with the brilliant Il Volo ahead of their gig at the Royal Albert Hall later this year.

Picture the scene . . .

It’s a crisp spring morning in Knightsbridge. The cafe is quiet, the coffee is hot, and there’s a tiered tray with an assortment of fancy cakes, courtesy of our Marketing Manager, Adam. Just as we’re tempted to pick up a cake, and rearrange them so nobody will notice, we see the limo pull up outside –

Okay, we’ll come clean. It was an email interview, but they do live in Italy! Still, we asked some questions, and got some exclusive answers from the band who took Eurovision by storm, and are going from strength to strength in the world of classical pop.

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The Questions

Are you excited to play the Royal Albert Hall?

We are very excited to perform in somewhere so prestigious and important– we feel honoured for this opportunity!

How does it feel to be so successful, and also in something a bit different from the mainstream?

As Mo Placido Domingo said during the taping of our Notta Magica concert on stage:

‘These boys chose the most difficult way of the classical music instead of the pop so this is the way to bring the classical music to the young generations – we’re extremely proud of seeing at our concerts people of all the ages from children to Grandparents’

When did you first know you’d made it?

That’s still to come !!!!

What is the craziest encounter with a fan you have had?

For sure the Latinas are the craziest but we have fans waiting for us outside our homes just to take a picture every day!

What is each of your personal favourites of your repertoire?

Each of us has different tastes but probably the song we all really love is our own song, Grande Amore

How did it feel to partake in Eurovision? – And then to do so amazingly – the top three!

Needless to say that we would have won, but of course we accept the final result… We know that we got the highest number of votes from the public!!! It was a wonderful experience!

If you could tour with any artist, current or past, who would it be and why?

We definitely would love to tour with Elvis – unfortunately, it is impossible but we are lucky enough to have had the opportunity to virtually sing with him on It’s Now Or Never song – part of the CD with the London Symphony Orchestra. We are also proud to have a personal relationship with Priscilla.

What do you most look forward to in your career? Is there a goal, award or concert you are particularly aiming for?

Maybe one day being able to sing at the Royal Albert Hall !!!

What would you say to anyone looking to achieve what you have, perhaps in a style of music that isn’t considered mainstream?

We are too young to give advice, just one suggestion we learned from the big artists we met, like Barbra Streisand and Mo Placido Domingo, is to keep studying and be, no matter what, always ourselves.

Finally, do you have a message for all of your fans on our blog?

May 23 WILL BE the perfect NOTTE MAGICA


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  • Lydka

    I wish good luck , many beautiful experiences and successful concerts in Europe. ♥♥♥

  • christine

    Great singers Love them so much ! soooo looking forward to seeing them in concert in Malta on the 8th June

  • dmp1

    They are the so talented, so great with the fans, and have brought Italy to the entire world. I will be in Italy for 3 concerts, and would Never have dreamed I would ever do that. They will bring their magic to London. They are our Grande Amore!!!!

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  • Brenda

    muito lindos♥ meu sonho é ir no concerto deles e tenho certeza que esse concerto no Royal Albert Hall será maravilhoso. Royal Albert Hall é um lugar muito bonito para shows e concertos.

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