Famous singers who have gone from stage to screen

Stage to Screen

Stage to Screen

In the world of pop, sometimes being a singer just isn’t enough. In fact, when you come to think of it, there have been a lot of pop stars who have dabbled in a bit of film and TV on the side, of which the following really stand out…

Katy Perry

Our favourite California Gurl may still be globe-trotting with her Prismatic Tour, but when Katy Perry isn’t performing for her army of Katy Cats or riding mechanical tigers at the SuperBowl, she can also be found in front of the camera, or rather, behind the voice of Smurfette in The Smurfs Movie alongside Neil Patrick Harris. This isn’t the only time the two have appeared together on screen either, as Katy had a cameo as Honey in the Gone Girl star’s hit show How I Met Your Mother.


Mr Slim Shady may have won a number of GRAMMY Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and been named Billboard Music Award for Top Artist, but one of his defining career moments was no doubt when he starred in 8 Mile back in 2002. Not only did Eminem give a great performance as Jimmy ‘B-Rabbit’ Smith, but he also won an Academy Award for the film’s theme tune Lose Yourself!

Josh Groban 

American singer Josh Groban has so many fans all over the world that they’ve even got their own name – The Grobanites! While there’s no doubt that his vocal talents are ridiculously impressive, his acting skills are pretty great too! While the main star of Crazy, Stupid, Love was Ryan Gosling’s six-pack, Josh’s performance as Richard firmly placed him as a singer/actor favourite. Josh has since appeared in The Office, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Parks and Recreation – do we see a potential career in comedy for Josh?


 The one and only Material Girl has added many strings to her fabulous bow – aside from dominating the pop world she also writes children’s books and has dabbled a fair bit in acting! Madonna was cast as the lead role in Evita back in 1996 and has also had cameos in Will & Grace, Die Another Day and A League of Their Own.

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Can you think of any more stage to screen stars?

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