Five minutes with…. P-Floyd – Our Exclusive interview


Exclusive Interview with P-Floyd – Our exclusive interview

P Floyd live

P-Floyd are not your average tribute band.

Honing their craft over 20 years, they’re considered to be one of the most exciting and dynamic concept bands in the world.

The nine members of the band are huge fans of Pink Floyd – naturally – but aren’t afraid of reinterpreting their back catalogue, constantly surprising their audience with breathtaking visuals and new arrangements.

We caught up with them to find out more about their forthcoming show at London’s Union Chapel (get tickets here)! 

Your tour is called Seven Deadly Sins. Can you tell us a bit about that concept?

It’s the story of Pink Floyd as mirrored through the ageless seven deadly sins, captured in words, images and music. It tells a tale far beyond Pink Floyd – of humanity, our struggles and in the end how we can find a compassionate way forward. Beyond the wall, any wall.

The great thing about P-Floyd is that you aren’t afraid to put your own original spin on classic material. How do you ensure the right balance between being a great tribute band but also adding your own creativity?

The key to not becoming “another tribute band” is to base the interpretations on the inner meaning and context of the songs and give it your own touch. In the case of Pink Floyd, so much of their music is based on concepts and for this reason it has been essential to develop a conceptual show, in fact spanning the concepts of Pink Floyd and in many ways tying them together.

Can you sum up a P-Floyd show for us in one sentence?

It is a multi-media conceptual performance, second to none, which leaves the spectator with a deeper feeling and appreciation for the people behind the music and inspires more listening!

What’s life like on the road? Any rock’n’roll stories for us?

Slight instances of brain damage have been known to occur… I think we should leave it at that!

What would you be doing if you weren’t in P-Floyd?

Music. Writing. Performing. It’s in our blood!

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