Five reasons you HAVE to see Bear Grylls live!



We’ve watched Bear Grylls on the screen as he’s survived by chomping on yak eyeball, turning a dead camel into a tent and making poisonous puff adder double up as dindins. There’s no denying he is the manliest man of all mankind.

Now he’s doing something he’s NEVER done before – performing live on stage taking audiences on an immersive, theatrical expedition across the globe to celebrate some of the world’s greatest ever feats of courage. Using state-of-the-art video mapping technology and stunning special effects, fans will witness the greatest acts of heroism of all time in his Bear Grylls: Endeavour UK tour

1. Learn how to survive a jungle plane crash

Juliane Koepcke’s plane broke up in a lightning storm 20,000ft over Peru in 1971. Amazingly she survived the two-mile fall – whilst all other 92 passengers perished, only to then face the jungle’s deadly elements for ten days. This real-life story will leave you astounded.

2. Find out the secrets of the greatest survival story in history

In 1912 Douglas Mawson began an Antarctica expedition in which he would be the only survivor. How did he manage to survive travelling hundreds of miles in sub artic temperatures with no rations and deadly crevasses everywhere? Bear will tell you how.

3. Help Bear Grylls out

Obviously he’s hard-as-nails, but even Bear Grylls needs volunteers sometimes. Audience members get to help out on stage with some of the incredible rescues. Warning: If you stick your hand up to help, be prepared to REALLY get stuck in. This might involve getting wet.

4. Keep the kids silent

An overwhelming review from parents after the show was just how gripped their kids were. Susanne Schroder says: ‘Loved the show – my 14 and 10 year old did too – though more theatre than the usual fast paced action they’re used to from u tube etc.. This really held their attention ‘cos it was just so interesting!

5. Get inspired!

It’s impossible not to be inspired by learning about some of the greatest survivors in human history. Especially with Bear’s amazing story-telling and all the practical advice you’ll learn. What will you do after the show? Who knows, there’s a whole world out there to explore…

What you waiting for? Get your tickets now to see Bear Grylls: Endeavour

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