How can you get Peter Kay tickets?

Peter Kay tickets

Peter Kay tickets

Next year Peter Kay will set off on a huge UK tour, that’ll continue into 2019! One of Britain’s best loved comedians, the multi award winning actor, writer, director, author and producer, is finally returning to his most successful hobby, stand-up. His last tour in 2010, which still officially ranks with the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest selling comedy tour of all time, played to over 1.2 million people. So how can you try to secure yourself Peter Kay tickets?

Here are our top tips:

  1. Sign up to a MyEventim account.

    Tickets are only held in your basket for a limited amount of time. So register with us before 10am on Sunday 19th November, to make your checkout process much easier! You can even sign up through Facebook’s login function. Make sure you sign in before tickets go on sale too.

  1. Prepare!

    Have all your necessary details to hand e.g. your card details, billing and postal address. You don’t want to miss out on tickets because you’re running round your house trying to find your card details at the checkout. 

  1. Don’t press refresh.

    Once you’ve clicked through to the link don’t press refresh. If you’re in a queue then refreshing the page will take you out of it.

  1. Download the Eventim app.

    If you’re having trouble it’s worth trying another device – download the Eventim app before tickets go on sale. Try getting tickets on more than one device, such as your laptop, phone or tablet. (Ensure you log into your MyEventim account before they go on sale to make the checkout process quicker!)

  1. Try another browser.

    If you are having problems, try a different internet browser – from our experience we have found that Chrome can work better than some other browsers.

  1. Try clearing your cache and browser cookies.

    You should also try clearing your cache and browser cookies if you’re having problems securing tickets. We’ve found that sometimes this helps when trying to purchase tickets from us.

  1. Don’t have tickets for two separate dates in your basket.

    We try to make our system as fair as possible, as we want everyone to have the same opportunity to see their favourite artist – so you can’t purchase tickets for more than one date in one transaction. Make sure your basket only contains tickets for one date. If you want to purchase tickets for two separate dates you will need to complete the transaction for one date before you are able to checkout tickets for another date.

Good luck – we hope you’ll be laughing with Peter Kay at one of his new stand-up shows. 

Get your tickets here from Sunday 19th November at 10am.

Peter Kay tickets

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