Gorilla – Manchester – What You Need To Know!


So you’re living in or visiting Manchester and want to check out some amazing talent? Look no further – we present to you our venue of focus this week –Gorilla.

Hidden Under the railway tracks on Whitworth Street West is Gorilla, not only is it a magnificent gig venue with a  capacity of 700, but it facilitates  a bar, and an award winning kitchen, as well as club space. These amenities are brought to you from the people behind Trof and The Deaf Institute.


So now you have the venue’s background we would like to offer you some advise on what gigs you should get out. In no particular order we have compiled the below list –


  • Teleman – 20th October 


They burst onto the scene with their hit single ‘Cristina’ in 2013, and have been having an impact ever since. If you aren’t familiar with their material have a listen below.


  • Neneh Cherry – 29th January

Do we really need to give Neneh Cherry an introduction? Neneh is most famous for performing on the hit ‘7 Seconds’. Since then she entertained the world with her blend of rap, electronica – and who can forget her love of bomber jackets and cycling shorts.


  • Shabazz Palaces – 5th November

Don’t miss the American experimental hip -hop group when they come to Manchester this November. But who are they you say?  Well let me explain – they are fronted by Ishaml Butler, aka Palaceer Lazaro and multi instrumentalist Tendai “Baba” Maraire – together they are creative geniuses – prepare to be taken on a hip hop journey!


  • Ibibio Sound Machine – 11th November

Ibibio Sound Machine is a clash of African and electronic elements. Heavily influenced by the golden era of West-African funk and disco and modern post-pink electro.  Their debut pulsating first single ‘Let’s Dance’ was released at the beginning of this year. I dare you to not want to dance when listening to this track!


So there you have our selection of artists that will soon be making their way to the magical place that is Gorilla. Want to know more? For tickets and more details on what is going down at the venue simply click here.


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