Interview: Anna Pancaldi speaks to Eventim Spotlights ahead of EP launch

Anna Pancaldi Tickets

Anna Pancaldi Tickets

How does it feel as an unsigned solo artist to have your first EP in the Top 10 of the iTunes singer songwriter chart? With under a week to go until the Black Tears official launch, Eventim Spotlights caught up with songstress Anna Pancaldi to find out!

Hey Anna! Tell us what happened in the days after the pre-release of your new EP Black Tears?

Well I released Black Tears at 8pm on Tuesday 3rd February, and two and a half hours later I was in the Top 10 in the iTunes singer songwriter charts, which is just absolutely insane.

I hadn’t even dreamt about getting into the Top 10. When it’s your first release and you’re doing it as an unsigned, unmanaged artist you just wouldn’t expect to be drawing that kind of attention. So it’s just been incredibly surreal, but massively exciting for me!

Which other artists were in the iTunes singer songwriter chart at that time?

There was Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard, James Bay, and George Ezra so it was a nice little sandwich! It’s wonderful to be mixed in between them all!

[It’s] Really odd just seeing my name in there. Uploading iTunes on your computer and seeing yourself in the Top 10 is really the oddest thing. When you’re so used to seeing other people you’re just like “is that really me?!”

It’s bonkers! Bonkers!

What position in the charts did you get to?

I reached number 6 in the iTunes singer/songwriter chart with my EP, number 19 in the iTunes singles chart with the first single Out Ahead, and the EP got to number 52 in the Official UK Charts!

Tell us more about the Black Tears EP

There’s five tracks on there, one of which is acapella. I really wanted to have something on there that was really stripped back with nothing to hide behind.

The rest of the EP is more produced. I’ve been performing on the circuit as a solo acoustic act, so for me it’s really exciting to be able to showcase the music with lots of other added elements, giving people the music the way I had envisaged it, which was bigger and fuller. Finding production that would add to what was already there.

It’s varied, there’s more melodic songs and the title track Black Tears has more gusto behind it. I wanted the EP to sit as a body of work but not to all sound the same. That was something that was really important for me.

You released your first video too this week, how has that been received?

I was too scared to check what everyone was saying at first!

You spend so long preparing for this moment and then suddenly you click a few buttons and it’s just there, out in world!

I was petrified to see what people would have to say but, it’s been really amazing. I couldn’t have expected the response I’ve had, I really couldn’t have.

I’m so overwhelmed by everyone’s love and kindness; sharing, commenting, posting and spreading the word.

The EP launch night is on 25th March 2015, what should we expect from the evening?

Just a really fantastic night to celebrate… the birth of my music career. Up until now I haven’t released any music, so in some ways you don’t really exist.

The launch is going to be at a gorgeous intimate venue in Dalston, the Servant Jazz Quarters.

I want it to be something people really remember. I can’t wait, I really can’t!

Tickets for Anna’s EP launch are currently sold out but if any more become available you can get them here exclusively from Eventim.

Anna is also Record Of The Day today – congratulations!

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