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Chase The Ace

How does it feel to pick up your life and move it 3,600 miles, in pursuit of your one true love*? Eventim Spotlights spoke to Roi Vito Peleg lead singer of Chase The Ace about following his musical dream, working with Richie Faulkner and the plans for their first London showcase…


You guys hail all the way from Tel Aviv, but now you’re based in London.  When did you move over to the UK & was it an easy decision for the four of you to decide to emigrate?

Well you know what, it’s not that it was that easy because basically you’re moving your whole life from a place where your family and friends and everything that you know of is, but on the other hand, it kind of felt like we had no choice!

As much as I love Tel Aviv and have family and friends over there, music – especially rock music – is not something that the people tend to listen to. The whole country is smaller than London population wise, so just by moving to London we opened up a whole new market that was never approachable for us just by living in that part of the world.

Basically that was the key decision. I came to England in 2012 to Download Festival. I was just amazed because I’ve never seen anything like that in my life you know. Even the biggest festival in [Israel] which involves all the genres – let’s say it’s like Israel’s Glastonbury – its 30,000 people. You rarely see rock acts on there. I came to Download and I saw 100,000 people that easily like what we are doing and grew up on the same music that I grew up on. It’s life changing!

That’s one of our goals – we want to conquer Download festival. That’s what really got us into doing this thing in English because before, back home we released 6 albums in Hebrew, our local language. It was under a different name [Koex] but the guys were the same and we did our best to make it happen over there. We did alright, played the biggest venues that are possible but it’s still nothing compared to what is here in Europe.



Do you guys ever perform any of the old songs from your previous band Koex now?

Not really now. The minute we put on the Chase The Ace hat, then Koex we just let go. Actually the last show for Koex was the first show for Chase The Ace, and we supported ourselves! We made an event out of it!

Which language do you prefer singing in – English or Hebrew?

I’d much rather [sing] in English. Our goal was to get the people of our country to know the music that I grew up on, just because back then it was really hard to find it before the internet. Before that you had to ask someone who was flying to The States or over to Europe to bring an album back or a magazine so you could see what’s going on.

My goal was just to get the Hebrew rock going you know, and after doing it for a few years and trying…we said ‘alright let’s see how it works in English.’ So we wrote a bunch of songs and recorded them and actually my mom said ‘chansons songs need to be in French and rock songs need to be in English’. Too bad she took years to tell me that haha, but better late than never!

So you’re working on your second album now! How is that coming along and how did you end up working with Richie Faulkner [of Judas Priest]?

We met our current guitar player in a magical place up in Camden, Metalworks, which has been going for 20 years, and Richie used to be the guitar player over there.

Our current guitar player is doing his job, playing on stage with a rock classic tribute band. It’s a great place to meet people, and a great place for the scene. So the link came from there.

Whenever Richie has been down, he plays a song or two. Our guitar player is there as well, our drummer plays there once a month as the house drummer so it’s like a family. It’s really easy to get to know people over there. The link started from there, we played some of our songs, he loved it and it was an honour.

I’m still amazed that this weekend the guitarist from Judas Priest was sitting here in my living room!



I saw that you guys were featured on the cover of Classic Rock Magazine which is pretty awesome! 

It’s a dream, it’s exactly what we came here to do and we’re happy that it’s happening for us. There is still a long way to go, and I guess it never ends, but all these perks make it worthwhile.

Tell us a bit more about your show coming up on the 30th April

This is going to be our first showcase here in London and we’ve worked pretty hard for it!

For the past few months we’ve been gathering all the industry people that we want to work with, and we’ve done a massive campaign around it just to let people [know] to come by and check us out.

The cool thing is that we’re going to play some new songs that we’ve never played before on stage from the second album, and this is even more important than other shows to us because if the fans will come down and support us, it’s going to have a huge ripple effect for our future.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians out there?

Just work hard and don’t believe everyone that tells you, it can be pushed forward without you.

The way that we work is really self-sufficient, so everything we need to do we learn how to do it ourselves, and try and get as much done [between] the four of us.

There’s all kinds of people coming by saying ‘they’re going to do this, they’re going to do that’ and the easiest thing [seems] to be to let go of the responsibility and let someone else handle it. We just found out that it’s always a big let-down.

Wise words! And one last thing – do you have any messages for your fans?

Come down on the 30th! It’s always a party playing here in London and we love you all!


Tickets for Discovery2 are available here.

Chase The Ace April Showcase

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