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a-z tickets

a-z tickets

We-Are-Z are a truly original band with members ‎rooted in Paris and London. They have been gaining fans wherever they go due to their unconventional sounds, lyrics and energetic live shows.

They sing songs about plastic surgery, drug ODs and auto-destruction.‎

Where and when did you form?   
We formed roughly at the beginning of 2014.  Sort of both in London and Paris. We were making trips back and forth across the channel and the idea for the band was formulated and started to take shape.

You describe your sound as ‘indie pop”wonk pop’. What is ‘Wonk pop’?
A piece was written about us describing our sound as ‘deliciously off kilter’, and the phrase ‘wonk pop’ appeared in the article as well. We took it to mean a bit wonky, which we really liked as a description, as musically, we’re definitely not straight down the centre line.  We love bands like Talking Heads, they were a fantastic mixture of a commercial sound, but with a strong oddball aesthetic too. Wonky, in a very cool way.

We-Are-Z have a unique sound. Who and what are you influenced by? ‎
Interesting people who lived strange and wonderful lives …. Philip Petit who strung a high-wire between the Twin Towers in 1973 then proceeded to cavort back and forth whilst police were trying to force him down. His passions drove him to the extremities…what a dude.

Amelia Earhart, a record breaking solo pilot who blazed a trail accross oceans and continents back in the 20s and 30s when it was practically impossible for a woman to even join a flying club, let alone get a pilots license. She lived by no one else’s rules, a true maverick.

Don McCullen the photo journalist who dodged the bullets in countless warzones in the 50s, 60s and 70s to bring the full horror of these conflicts to the world’s attention, virtually sacrificing his sanity in the proccess, but he could not stop.

David Bowie, what a music maker, what a life ….. need we say more.

How do you find performing in the UK compared to France?
Well, London seems to be the toughest place to get people to really let go and let their hair down. The further north you go in Britain, and up to Scotland, the more liberated audiences seem to be, the more continental they seem to be in fact, strangely. The north is not so different to Paris in terms of audience reaction. They’re both very lively. We like!

You recently released a new single and video ‘Easy’. Is there an album to follow?
Most definitely, hopefully by the end of this year ….. stay tuned, stay Z.

Will it effect your band life if Britain was to leave the EU?
Well, undoubtedly, I’m sure it will. It seems such a backward step to take. We simply can’t fathom why it’s even being considered. Europe is the greatest place on the planet, we need to be right in there and part of it. Don’t be swayed by the nasty jingo-istic scaremongering of the Brexiters !

We Are Z headline the Discovery ‎ 2 showcase at 229 The Venue on Thursday 30 June. Find your tickets here.


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