Interview: Up and Coming Stoke Band Psyence reckon “Popular music is a farce”

psyence Combining the kind of ear-mangling riffs of Tame Impala and The Black Angels with effects-heavy swirling backing, Psyence effortlessly hark back to the ‘60s psychedelic rock wellspring. 

The Stoke based quintet of Pye/Walsh/Comley/Bellingham/Nixon represent a departure from English guitar bands of the last few years and they are searching for something beyond the tame ‘sponsored-alternative’ current music scene. 

We had a chance to speak with them ahead of what promises to be a big year for the lads, which starts on Saturday 08 February with the first Cooking Soup night of the year at Nambuca featuring a DJ set from the legendary Martin Blunt of The Charlatans. Tickets for the Cooking Soup night at Nambuca are available now at 

2013 was a good year for you – what were the highlights for you?

Thanks. It was a good year, we stepped up and wanted to be taken seriously for what we do. Highlights include; supporting The Charlatans at St. Georges hall, The Inernational Festival of Psychedelia at Camp and Furnace Liverpool and just general touring. Driving up and down the country meeting new people and seeing different things.

Last year was a real learning curve for us, finding out the bands capabilities and where we want to take it. We’re going to take what we’ve learnt and put it into this year.

What are the bands plans for 2014 – Any plans for a new single/Tours ?

We’re planning on another single as last years did well. We took a mini break over Christmas to get some writing done. New set for 2014. Any of the new songs we’ve wrote could be a single or even an old one. We’re still in the planning stages really, ideas here and there.

As many gigs as possible this year as we are all about the live show, Martin Blunt(Charlatans) says we’re the best live band he’s seen in years and that’s the biggest compliment anyone could pay us as its what we work on most. [quote style=”boxed” float=”right”] Martin Blunt(Charlatans) says we’re the best live band he’s seen in years and that’s the biggest compliment anyone could pay us as its what we work on most.[/quote]

Stoke is getting a lot of attention recently from various sections of the music press, why do you think this. Any good bands/clubs you can recommend?

We think that a lot of Stoke bands have realised that it takes loads of hardwork and time to start building a name, we worked our tits off last year and its the same again from now. More Stoke bands are hitting different cities as theyve realised it can be done, thats helping the scene too because people like to see there local bands do well in different area’s.

It creates a buzz and makes them want to see you when you gig locally. Bands to look out for in Stoke include; Southwall Corner Club, Vellocet, Alfa 9, The Rivalry, Pickering White, Electroshock Therapy, Malthouse, The Ruby Dukes, Logical Drama, Delamere, Camp Stag. The list really could go on! Venues to go to; The Sugarmill, The Underground, The Exchange, The Old Brown Jug, The Full Moon. The Step on club night at the Old Brown Jug is always a great place to catch new bands and have a great night. These are happening places with a wide variety of gigs to go to. People need to check Stoke out.

Who and what are your main influences?

We influence each other, always bouncing ideas around the room, most of them not even to do with music. We’re all really good mates, when we’re not jamming we’re hanging out, drinking, smoking, working. The usual stuff you do with your mates.

Musically we know what we like, mainly influenced by soundtracks to video games, films or if a tune comes on an advert what we like, we always feel the need to get it. Also starting to gather a large vinyl collection between us so we’re delving into all sorts of gems we have never heard before. Its helping us create a sound what we enjoy playing, its ginormous, monstrous and with loads of swagger.

What is your opinion on the state of the music industry today – which current bands do you admire?

It depends what side of the industry you look at. Popular music is a farce, teams of writers behind a recording artist to come up with dumbed down lyrics what hardly make sense. A tune whats so repetitive I feel like I’m working in a sweat shop.

The people at the top are going through the motions selling it to generations which need to look further than just whats forced infront of them, it’s been happening to long. Obviously there’s still a scene for bands on the big stage, the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Kasabain are amazing, we’re also big fans of Tame Impala who seem to have gone global over the past year.

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