Latitude Festival Preview

Now in its ninth year, Latitude is really starting to become something rather special.

Set in the heart of Suffolk, the idyllic Henham Park has provided the setting for headliners such as Arcade Fire, Sigur Rós, Nick Cave, Belle & Sebastian, Bon Iver and Kraftwerk.On top of being seriously impressive on the music front, Latitude does just as well with comedy, theatre, dance and literature.

One reveler tells of watching a gripping performance of the interrogation scene in Orwell’s 1984 – sorted their hangover right out.

As night falls, parties in the woods see the hedonism of Latitude in its purest form, with a truck load of top class DJs sorting the sounds.

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Who are the big acts?

This year, the obvious acts to look out for include: Two Door Cinema Club, Damon Albarn, The Black Keys, Editors, Bombay Bicycle Club, Haim, Lykke Li and Kelis.

Who are the other acts to look out for?

A big part of the joy of festivals is wandering around and discovering new things you love. And the great thing about Latitude is that this is not just limited to music. For the slightly less well-known names, here’s a little list that will help you pick out acts that deserve a small slice of your precious festival time:


These oddball Swedes are fun and often dizzying, employing a kaleidoscope of unexpected tones and far-flung influences.

Tim Key

Maybe not quite so under the radar as he once was after appearing as Alan Partridge’s sidekick DJ in Alpha Papa, Tim Key ‘s awarding winning solo shows and unique take on poetry are not to be missed.

Womans Hour

“A perfectly blended musical smoothie.” London quartet with pop songs that would sit comfortably alongside Arthur Beatrice.

George the Poet

The next big thing in spoken word, I caught George Mpanga aka George the Poet attacking the governments use of inflammatory Go home vans on Sky news earlier this year. Everyone should check out this wonderfully eloquent, erudite and talented guy.

Fat White Family

This south London six-piece’s natural habitat is the pub and the squat, and it shows: the last band to emerge looking quite so scuzzy and worn around the edges was probably the Libertines.

Who is the festival for?

Everyone! No other festival can boast quite such a broad range of cultural entertainment; from the big headliners, to smaller acts, poetry, comedy, arts and the theatre. Latitude prides itself on being family friendly whilst also offering hedonistic late night raves in the woods at the iArena.

I think it is fair to say that the punters will be primarily a little leftfield, and you may even spot the bearded baby of a hipster family.

What’s the camping like?

There’s plenty of choice! From glamping in yurts, a family friendly camp-site and a fully fledged adults only camp-site.

And remember the all important Festival Check-list:

  • Your Ticket
  • Tent
  • Money / Cash Card
  • Toilet Roll and Wet Wipes
  • Clothing for all seasons
  • Sleeping Bag / Blanket
  • Mobile Phone
  • Bottle opener (or just bring tinnies)
  • Torch
  • Plenty of clean socks

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