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Folk star Lisbee Stainton is releasing her album to coincide with her UK tour.

The 25-year-old will be headlining her own tour in November in support of the release of her new album ‘Word Games‘ having supported the internationally acclaimed Seth Lakeman throughout October.

We had a chance to talk to Lisbee about her tour, her new album and her unique 8-string guitar. Plus a gorgeous live session from the lady herself.

To celebrate her upcoming Word Games tour we are offering you a free download of Lisbee’s lovely track ‘Imprints’.

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Hi Lisbee thanks for coming down to talk to us today! We’re here to talk about your new album Word Games. How are you feeling about the new album release?

Lisbee: I can’t wait for people to hear it!

Tell us a bit more about the album and the writing & recording process.

L: I guess I wanted the song writing to be quite organic. I wanted to focus on each track individually when I was writing it, and when we were recording & producing it as well. The musicians I used were fantastic & people I hadn’t often worked with before, so it was quite a new experience in many ways.  It was really fun to do. We went to a studio in Monmouth in Wales called Mono Valley and they’ve got this incredible live drum room that’s really reverberant so I think that really shaped the album.  I’m really pleased with how it’s sounding – it’s a really exciting sound for me.

The album is released on 4th November & then you head off on your “Word Games 2013” tour on 7th November.  This is your biggest headline tour to date!  Are you excited?

L: At the moment really excited! I’m sure as it draws nearer thats going to be mixed in with fear as well! It’s the biggest band I’ve worked with and I just can’t wait to get the new album tracks on the road.

Word Games is your fourth album. How did things start for you – what was your first ‘break’ so to speak?

L: I guess it was when I was in uni & I got an email from Tom Robinson of BBC6 Music saying he’d found my track ‘Red’ on my MySpace page, and asked if he could play it on his radio show.


L: So I said yeah!

I bet! That’s pretty legendary!

L: yes, so that got the ball rolling and then I was lucky enough when I finished uni to go straight on tour as well, which is unheard of pretty much. I graduated then spent four months touring round the UK and Europe with Joan Armatrading.

Absolutely amazing!

L: I’ve been pretty lucky so far!

What was it like touring with someone like Joan Armatrading? I mean it must have given you such a wealth of experience.

L: it was incredible. For my first tour as well it was one of the best things I could have done. I did seventy five gigs with her and learnt a lot. I think I learnt more in that four months about performing than I did in my three years of uni. It was so valuable!

Talk about getting thrown in at the deep end! You also play with Seth Lakeman and you’ve done a lot of festivals together this summer.

L: Yes I’ve been doing backing vocals, playing banjo and a bit of harmonica for him since last October [2012]. Its really good fun, it’s very folky – quite different to my stuff. It’s one massive shindig basically which is great! I’ve also just done some vocals on his new album.

You’re a multi-talented lady! We’ll listen out for you on Seths new album. So tell us more about your 8 string guitar.

L: this was made by a guy called Joe White, who lives in Ashburn in Surrey and he’s a very talented guitar maker.  I went to him in my third year of uni because I wanted a guitar made for me. I’d been saving up and I wanted him to make me a 12 string guitar, but he said ‘I have a better idea and I’ve been waiting for the right person to come along for this.’ and he had come up with this idea of having an 8 string guitar that where the D and the G strings are they are doubled which is unusual.  He made a mock up of the guitar and I played around with it, and it really lent itself to my style – I do a lot of finger picking. I just thought it was great and then a few months later this one was complete and he’s been with me ever since!

He’s absolutely beautiful. Does he have a name?

L: no, well I generally call it ‘Beast’ but I’m not sure thats an endearing thing!

You’re also going to give us an exclusive performance of one of the tracks from your new album, a song called ‘Eloise’. What is the song about?

L: it’s about someone who is unendingly positive and just seems to inspire everyone they meet, and they do it unknowingly. Those people who don’t look to make someone smile, but manage to do it anyway and when you meet one of those people, they’re like gold dust, they’re quite rare I think.

Tickets available for Word Games 2013 commencing 7th November across the UK at

With thanks to Bush Hall for the beautiful location

Lisbee Stainton Word Games tour 

Nov 07 Artrix Bromsgrove
Nov 08 Gala Durham Durham
Nov 09 City Varieties Music Hall Leeds
Nov 10 The Gulbenkian Canterbury
Nov 12 The  Courtyard, Hereford
Nov 13 Apex Arts Centre Bury St Edmunds
Nov 14 Elgiva Theatre St Mary, Chesham
Nov 15 The Atkinson, Southport
Nov 19 Cecil; Sharp House, London

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