8 best pics of the party Miley’s bringing to the UK

It’s official – It is nearly time for the Bangerz tour to touch down in the UK. We couldn’t be more excited. In celebration of this fact we have compiled our 8 favourite pictures taken on her tour of the USA. We hope the  party in the UK is just as big and fabulous.

Miley Cyrus has only toured the UK with her Hannah Montana act, so nobody is sure what she’ll be bringing to the table this May – we have searched the web for any hints of what we can expect. Be prepared to be shocked, surprised and left in awe of Miley.

1. Miley has a sense of humour – people make fun of Miley’s tongue antics, but she doesn’t care, she embraces her inner Mick Jagger. Anybody else want to go down that slide?

photo 6

2. This isn’t just any hot dog, it’s a hot dog with Miley Cyrus on top – where can we buy one of these?

photo 7

3. Forgive us, this image is blurry, but it has captured Miley mid swinging! Love her or hate her, you can’t deny the girl can sing!

photo 1

4. Glitter, stripes, stars and some cow boy boots. What more can we say, she combines country with pop perfectly – do you think they make these in the Union Jack print?!

miley 2


5. All I can say is GOLD CAR – she is riding on a GOLD CAR. Miley is sparing no costs with her props – hope they don’t distract us from the lady herself!


6. Strictly speaking this picture isn’t from the Bangerz tour, so don’t get too excited, Madonna won’t be coming to the UK. I just wanted to high light how amazing Miley is – if she is good enough for Madge, she is good enough for me! Let’s hope she brings her country glamour to our shores!

photo 4

7. Not, 1, not 2, but 9  Miley’s – this is like a dream come true!

photo 3

8. And finally, another hot dog, but this time Miley dressed as one – included because she just about pulls this look off.


Browsing these tour pictures I can concur that the Bangerz tour is going to be anything but boring, bring on the country girl gone wild – it is sure to be a memorable night!

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