Our 5 fave Don Henley/Eagles songs

Don Henley Tickets

Don Henley Tickets


Don Henley is a legend – There’s no denying that. As a founding member of the Eagles he’s part of one of the best-selling bands of all time, won numerous GRAMMY Awards and been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Henley’s solo career has seen him receive critical acclaim thanks to his hit songs including ‘Boys of Summer’ and ‘Dirty Laundry’.

This year will see Henley perform his only indoor UK performance at Manchester Arena on Monday 27 June, where he’ll be performing songs spanning his career from the Eagles to his solo catalog. So in celebration here are our 5 favourite Don Henley/Eagles hits…

Hotel California

Released 40 years ago in 1976, this really doesn’t need an introduction…

Take A Picture Of This

Taken from his most recent album ‘Cass County’, this poignant song was released in 2015.

Take It Easy

Reminding us all that we ought to take it easy, this was released back in 1977 and was the song the band chose to perform at this year’s GRAMMY Awards in memory of band member and founder Glenn Frey.

The Boys of Summer

DJ Sammy may have reached no.2 in 2002 with a trance cover of ‘The Boys of Summer’, but the original (and in our opinion the best) belongs to Henley.


Although it wasn’t actually released as a single, ‘Desperado’ is one of the band’s most loved songs. Also, you might remember that Irish crooners Westlife did a cover version of it…

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Find all of the above tracks and more on our playlist…


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