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Billy Connolly: comedian, actor, artist, musician, idol. The ‘Big Yin’ has been keeping generations entertained for years – since the 1970’s in fact, and with the news that he will be bringing his highly anticipated High Horse Tour to Manchester Arena, we give to you some of our favourite Billy Connolly moments ….

The Late Late Show

Back in 1998, Billy went onto The Late Late Show and ended up talking about…erm…farting… sorry to lower the tone, but this is worth a watch and typical of Billy’s hilarious story telling.


 Muppet Treasure Island

Billy Bones gave us one of the most important lessons in life – beware running with scissors!

 The Hobbit

We love Billy’s honesty about the fact that he has never read The Hobbit, nor does he appear to like people who have – Don’t worry, we still love you all!


I wish I was in Glasgow

Going back to his roots, Billy brought in some musical elements to stand-up acts, and of course, he is going to pay homage to his home city of Glasgow!



Red Nose Day

Let’s not forget the amount of work Billy does for charity – here he is delivering a first engine to Mozambique! We thought that showing him dancing around London naked in 2001 would be a bit too #NSFW



Tickets for Billy Connolly’s High Horse Tour at the Manchester Arena on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 November are available now.



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