Ranked: The Top 5 S Club 7 Songs

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Our Top 5 S Club 7 songs

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They say that there ain’t no party like an S Club party, and with one of our favourite bands reuniting and heading out on tour next month, it’s time for some nostalgia as we rank our top 5 S Club 7 songs…

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5. S Club Party

While we still aren’t 100% sure what ‘hoochie mama show your nana’ means, it doesn’t stop us from dancing around and singing along to this song. While Tina was doing her dance and Rachel was doing her thing (whatever her thing was), we were being fully inducted into the world of S Club 7…

4. Never Had A Dream Come True

The official BBC Children In Need single from 2000 was the group’s seventh single Never Had A Dream Come True and it went straight in to the top of the charts when it was released. We love the Wintery feel of the video… although we can’t help but think that the girls must have been a bit chilly!

 3. Reach

It’s scientifically impossible to listen to this song without feeling happy – trust us, we are doctors… the cheery and infectious lyrics make it a sure runner for our no.3 spot! If anyone knows where you can buy such a brightly-coloured vehicle equipped with magic gumballs, let us know…

2. Don’t Stop Movin’

Don’t stop movin’ to the S Club beat! This track is another classic and was also the band’s third no.1 hit. As much as we’ve tried to get the ‘DjJs got us going around’ move looking as good as the S Clubbers, it’s still a struggle for us to get the arm/leg coordination right….

1. Bring It All Back

The song that started it all! The theme tune to the band’s TV series Miami 7, Bring It All Back was released almost a full 16 years ago in 1999! Not only does this make us feel old but it’s got us all very excited for S Club 7’s tour next month!

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