Selena Gomez: Pop Royalty



We don’t know about you but we were ridiculously excited earlier this week when Selena Gomez announced that she would be coming to the UK with her upcoming Revival Tour.

To celebrate Selena’s return,¬†here are 5 reasons why she is undoubtedly pop royalty.

She’s been in showbiz forever

In case you didn’t know, Selena began her career at the tender age of 7 on ‘Barney & Friends’ alongside fellow pop star Demi Lovato. From this she went on to star in a number of Disney Channel shows, most notably ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’

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She gives us #SquadGoals

Selena is besties with Taylor Swift and therefore is part of *the* ultimate squad, playing the part of Arsyn in Swift’s award-winning ‘Bad Blood’ video.

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Pop prince

Everyone knows that a pop princess has to have some pop prince eye-candy on their arm and while we’re unsure whether or not Selena and Justin Bieber are on or off at the moment, they did make the ultimate pop couple. N’awwww

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She’s *literally* a goddess

The name Selena in Greek means¬†‘Moon goddess’. As if we needed any more proof!

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She’s the ultimate role model

From charity work to having a positive attitude and working hard, Selena’s a great role model and what more do we want from our royal leader?!

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