Seven NON music facts you definitely didn’t know about Craig David

Ten facts about Craig David

With the oh-so-exciting news of Craig David’s big return to the UK, we’ve delved into his private life to learn more about the man who’s been hiding out in Miami for the last seven years.


1. This smooth RnB singer just loves chocolate. Craig’s favourite film is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Go visit him in his Miami mansion and he’ll present you with a box of Ferrero Rocher. Oh Ambassador you are spoiling us!


2. We hate to mention the ‘BS’ words – Bo Selecta – but lovely Craig has forgiven his former rubber-faced nemesis, comedian Keith Lemon. They came face-to-face at mutual pal, Fearne Cotton’s, wedding last year and gave each other a huge hug. Craig insists his initial hurtful reaction to the parody was a PR stunt, saying: “I was actually always totally cool with it”.


3. During his ‘wilderness years’ Craig set up a night club in his living room. This small gathering, now named TS5, has since moved to a residency in Ibiza. You’ll also be able to catch the event at Glastonbury 2017.


4. Craig was overweight as a child and suffered at the hands of bullies. He’s now almost as famous for his six-pack as his singing and used to train for almost three hours a day. He says: “It went from one extreme to another. Some people become addicted to drugs, alcohol or smoking. For me it was the gym”.

5. Craig is ADDICTED to trainers. There’s nothing he loves more than a brand new pair of sneakers to slip into. He even has his own special cupboard installed in dressing rooms to keep his latest favourites.


6. Craig Ashley David was born in Southampton, 1981. He has a white Jewish mother and his father was a Grenadian carpenter who was previously a reggae musician.

7. Craig David has officially got a man crush on Brad Pitt. Other men he looks up to includes Mr handsome himself, David Beckham. Craig admits: “They’re hot, you can’t deny it. Every guy in the world thinks so”. Well Craig, what with the recent Brangalina split, well… *whistles innocently*

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