Six reasons why we LOVE Brian Cox

Brian Cox Tickets

Brian Cox Tickets

Professor Brian Cox, OBE, Master of the Universe. Okay, not quite, but he sure knows a lot more about the universe than we do.

Aside from the fact that he is ridiculously clever and presents some of our fave scientific programmes, here are some other reasons why we love Pro Cox…

He’s lived all of our dreams and appeared on Top Of The Pops. Oh yes, back in the day Pro Cox was a pop star and part of D:Ream who released the 90s classic ‘Things Can Only Get Better’.

He didn’t do very well in his maths A Level exam, admitting to Jonathan Ross that he came out with a D! At least the future is still bright for those of us who still don’t quite get what Pi is.


Professor Cox is so highly regarded that he was called upon by a certain Doctor Who to try and figure out why some mysterious black cubes were falling from the sky back in 2012. Although sadly this was one wonder he just couldn’t figure out.

doctor who

His support of Tim Peake and his reaction to him landing back to Earth was just ridiculously sweet. Did someone say bromance?

brian cox tim peake


He’s straight to the point and never minces his words. Wise, just so wise.



Let’s face it, we mainly love Brian Cox because he’s made being a bit nerdy cool.

brian cox


Due to ridiculously high demand extra dates have been added to Professor Brian Cox Live which will also feature his good friend Robin Ince. Find your tickets here

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