Sylvester Stallone tells us about his serendipitous life ahead of his evening in Manchester


Sylvester Stallone was born in the tough New York district of Hell’s Kitchen, but Sly has been one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood for close to four decades. Here we learn about his rise from the bottom to the very top!

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Q: What was your childhood like?

I was never the center of attention, per se, but I was audacious and disruptive, unfortunately,’ says Sly of his early years. ‘Especially in class, I was a jokester, the class clown.

I, at times, have been put in the corner with a dunce cap. A dunce cap, for real. Can you imagine? No question, I was in the corner so much. So I just knew that I didn’t fit in in the normal way.

Q: Did you go to college?

When I went to school and college I never thought I was going to do anything I was learning about. I was planning to breed horses. I got my first part and all of a sudden the horse idea went out the window.

It gives you an idea of how serendipitous my life is.

Q: How did Rocky come about?

I hung on for a deal to make the film that I had written and planned to star in, Rocky, until I was so poor I had to sell my dog.” (following the movie’s success, he bought it back for $1,400).

To this day it mystifies me. The intelligent part of me should have said, “Sell the movie, you have no money, you’re starting to eat your clothes, but there’s a part inside of you that hangs on.

Q: From Rocky to your latest project – The Expendables 3 (released nationwide on August 14), where your paired up with the action hero team to end all action hero teams – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Jason Statham, Antonio Banderas, Mel Gibson and Wesley Snipes among them. Can you tell us the reason it works so well as a format?

I got the idea that, no matter what, everything fades, you’re only hot once and then your career arcs,’ says Sly about the movie series.

So when we get to the crest of our careers and I see we’re now beginning to be cast as people’s uncles and grandfathers or the crotchety neighbour, I thought, “Hmm, how do we salvage this?”. I would see these band revival concerts where older bands would get together so, instead of just one, like Deep Purple, there would be 15 groups.

I thought what if I were to try that? What if I could get ten action guys who at one time had their own bright star, put them together and it may create some sort of curiosity interest – “I gotta see that!”.

Q: And finally, you’re heading to the Phones 4u Arena for An Evening With on the 1st August, what will the evening entail?

I’ll be talking to Hollywood journalist Sandro Monetti about my life and career.

Q: And is it true you’ll be taking un-vetted audience questions?

I am prepared for the fact they’re not always nice. ‘They’ll say, “You were born a cripple and you had this horrible voice and crooked mouth – how did you make it?” And I go, “I wasn’t born cripple. I was born with a paralysed mouth on one side of my face”, and I know they aren’t being cruel but it is basically like asking, “How can a creature like you be successful?

The main thing people want to know is what is the secret and, boy, everybody has a different idea of what is success, what is love, what is luck?”

An Evening With Sylvester Stallone will be the only event of its kind in the UK this year attended by Stallone. 

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