Tea Street Band “get your arses out the house and come join the party!”


Remember the spirit of 88? Dole queues getting bigger? The Conservatives in power and class war on the streets?

But at the same time, shining out of the gloom, came the birth of Acid House. One of the most significant cultural movements of the 20th Century. Before corporate clubbing in faceless venues with bland promoters always looking at the bottom line, this was community and creativity and spirit.

Now the Tories are back and inequality is rising again, but thankfully for those of you too young to remember the first time round or those of you who should know better but don’t, we give you The Tea Street Band.

The Tea Street Band will be bringing their anarchic live show to Nambuca, in North London on Friday 06 December.

The last few tickets are available now for just £5.50!

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We spoke with Nicholas Otaegui from Tea Street band ahead of next week’s gig.

Its been a great year for the TSB, tell us about the jaunts down under and to New York. Any funny anecdotes?

Yeah man, it really has been a great year for us! The travelling and gigs we’ve had the fortune to be part of was totally unexpected. We hope for plenty more of the same next year haha it can get quite addictive! As for some antics, what happens on tour stays on tour is the motto, you know that!!!

How did your recent gig with the Charlatans go down at St Georges Hall. I heard you had the best reaction from the hometown crowd and is the roof still on ?

The Charlatans gig was brilliant, a real far out experience being on a stage in that room. We started off on a mad one with some technical gremlins getting in the way, but we managed to pull it all back and the crowd were amazing! the sound is hard to gauge in such a massive space but we had a buzz once we got into the swing of things.

How did the sell out Zanzibar compare the following night?

The Zanzi was a very different kettle of fish for several reasons. Firstly its a purpose built venue we’ve played in together for over 10 years so its as close to playing in our own homes for us. The vibe was as electric as ever and as it was our own headline gig the expectation and energy from within the room for our set was unrivalled! The support acts were all boss too, so ive gotta give a massive shout out to Pete Wilkinson, Tokalosh, Raw City & Go Fiasco for adding brilliantly to the mix.

You seem to be playing a lot more gigs round the country, how have the band been received outside of Liverpool? 

The out of town gigs have been a slow burner but its finally all starting to make sense i reckon. The work we’ve been doing over the last year is producing results, with crowds growing all over but the most important thing I’ve found is the people coming down are now knowing what to expect and are letting loose. Dancing and raving just like in a Liverpool gig and almost every time we play ‘Disco Lights’ the crowd sing it louder than us. Feels like something special is going off!

This is your third time playing in London at a Cooking soup night, do you have any surprises for the crowd ?

We really enjoy playing the Soup gigs, well promoted and attended shows with good people we can have a buzz with. Venues always sound great and the vibes are there. As for surprises were playing a few tunes that we haven’t played before down in London but that’s all you’ll get from me, if you want to find out what we have in store, get your arses out the house and come join the party!

When is the album out and what are the plans for World domination?

The album is due out in early February on the newly established Baltic Records and distributed by ADA/Warners. Were very happy about all of this as its given us the platform to make things happen and focus our energy where it matters. As for world domination its quite simple, get the tunes out there, turn up in a place we’ve never been before, show them the goods, and with minds blown we move on to the next gaff!

Finally, when you play the Anfield Wrap nights is it true you have to wear Barbour Coats and Y3 trainers in true Kopite style?

hahahaha You wouldn’t see any of us dressed in that! But were just happy to play anywhere for people who want to hear us. We’re not allied to any club or agenda, we have blues and reds alike in the band. It always has been and always will be about the music. We love footy and all the rest but the music is our game! xxx

Check out the band’s new single Lost for Words here:

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