“The Charlatans were part of our rock n roll education” Tea Street Band Interview

The Charlatans have confirmed a new date for their St Georges Hall, Liverpool concert after the tragic passing of their drummer Jon Brookes who had fought a long battle with cancer.

Friday, 08 November 2013,  St Georges Hall, Liverpool.

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We were lucky enough to speak with Nicholas Otaegui of the The Tea Street Band, who will be supporting The Charlatans on what will be a hugely memorable and emotionally charged evening.

1. Its been a successful year so far for the band, what has been your personal highlight ?

“This year has been a wild one by all accounts, gigs in 3 continents, flights, national TV and radio appearances, unreal gigs, supporting absolute belters and accolades from some really influential and on it bods from the ‘Industry’ but to be honest the biggest thing that sticks out for me by far was the recording our debut album in the ‘Motor Museum Studio'”

“We’ve laid down a monster! It was a buzz to record and is by far and away the best recording project I’ve ever been part of. We’re all very proud of it and excited of where its gonna take us. By the looks of it 3 continents is gonna be 5, easy street!”

2.       There seems to be a lot of momentum behind the band at the moment , anything special coming up that people can look out for ?

I think the Album and its relative singles will be the biggest things on the horizon. Its a very special record and unlike anything i’ve ever heard, especially from a Scouse band. Opening doors to massive support slots and looking towards our first own full UK national tour.

Its gonna be a fun roller-coaster ride over the next year as we promote it all over the world heading into the festival season next year!

3.       What does it mean to you to be playing in your home-town at such a Prestigious Venue ? Any surprises planned?

[quote]We are gonna try and do what the Luftwaffe couldn’t and bring the house down![/quote]

“Its possibly the most prestigious venue in the city. Its an amazing building and to have this opportunity is unreal. I’ve been buzzing, telling me Mam and ‘arl Nan “Me and the lads are gonna play St Georges Hall you know?! Gonna try and do what the Luftwaffe couldn’t and bring the house down! haha” I’m also really excited to play with Greg Wilson too. He’s a legend.”

“Some boss, unreal sets I’ve heard from him over the years. A pioneer from an era that we (TSB) look to, in reference for our own sounds and musical influence. Gonna try an get him in a head lock and see if he’s up for a remix!” No surprises though, in regards to the show.”

“It’s a support slot for a great band who have been through an awful lot. Respect to them and we’re there to do our job and warm the crowd up for them. Just hope the revellers don’t peak too soon!”

4.       Finally, what do The Charlatans mean to you ?

“The Charlatans represent a lot of different things to me. From roaming the streets with me mates as a teenager in the 90’s listening to tapes on Walkman’s thinking you were the shit for not listening to the pop chart nonsense and having your ear to the ground.” [quote]A band that were part of your adolescence and education into rock n roll.[/quote]

“To also representing the excellent state of the British music industry in the 90’s. Seems to have gone down hill since in terms of bands believing in it all, getting out and having it. Always thought back then though if these can do it, so can we, easily!  The Charlatans represent a lot of different things to me.”

“A band that were part of your adolescence and education into rock n roll. Now its up to us to take up the baton and push it on further!”

Eventim UK were speaking with Nicholas Otaegui of the The Tea Street Band.


About The Tea Street Band

Tea Street Band are a mutilation that in its most extreme combines 808 State with Doves and the gang mentality of The Happy Mondays.

Listen to TSB track Disco Lights here:

“Think of The Charlatans meeting The Chemical Brothers and lap up the finest cuppa that clubbers can come across”
John Earls, Daily Star

“Think of 808 state having a meeting mid channel to hear some French electronic by Space Disco You need to check these out soon – Come on were British we love a cuppa”
Dave Monks, BBC Introducing

“After a scintillating recent performance at Liverpool Sound City, they’ve ardently begun to win over very man and his dog“
Joshua Nevett, Bido Lito

“Like the Clash crossed with a night at Quadrant Park”
When Skies are Grey

“The Tea Street Band are cool as F**K”
Clint Boon XFM/Inspiral Carpets

Find out more about The Tea Street Band here: theteastreetband.tumblr.com or twitter.com/TeaStreetBand

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