The Stranglers ’Ruby Anniversary’ Tour


The Stranglers

Live at the Eventim Apollo


New Wave icons The Stranglers will undertake a ’Ruby Anniversary’ tour which will  see a return to the newly-titled  Eventim Apollo which the band last played back in 2010.

Tickets for the Saturday 08 March 2014 show will be available from 9am Friday 04 October.

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The Stranglers dominated both the album and singles charts in the ’70s and now, 40 years later, they still have at their core the original members, Jean-Jacques Burnel, Dave Greenfield, Jet Black and Baz Warne, however this time around vocals are shared between Warne and Burnel with Warne performing the songs originally sang by Hugh Cornwell.

Heres a message to both fans and detractors from JJ:

[quote]”On this, the occasion of our Ruby Anniversary, I would like to take this opportunity to stick my fingers up to everyone who wrote us off, who dismissed us, who slagged us off or who just didn’t like us. I would also like to thank those who saw beyond the mealy mouthed words of the critics, who drew their own conclusions and cast aside the prejudices of others. He who laughs last laughs longest AND loudest. Next year we will make a lot of noise with our friends…”[/quote]

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