Top 16 Songs From Films


Soundtracks can often make a film, you can walk away from a film forgetting the plot, while singing along to the soundtrack.

It is for this reason that we got together and created a list of 16 memorable songs featured in our favourite films. Admittedly we have random taste in films so be prepared for a great mix – we don’t expect you to love all of them, but we do hope they bring you some form of amusement!

I am sure you will be able to guess what songs I chose, and what songs Adam and Matt added to the collection!

1. The Beach – All Saints – Pure Shores

Christina Kutscher: Just listening to the opening of this song makes me want to watch Leo prance around on an abandoned Thai beach – who knew Shaznay Lewis was so talented? OK, OK – with or without the song Leonardo DiCaprio on a beach is always appealing.

2. Twilight – Muse – Supermassive Black Hole

Christina Kutscher: I am first to admit I am not the biggest fan of muse, but this song  really does make the baseball scene in Twilight – so dramatic and tense – it kept me on the edge of my seat wondering if Edward was going to be hurt or not (let’s face it. nobody cares about anyone else).

3. The Royal Tenenbaums – Mico – These Days

Matt Jones:  Of all the amazing moments in Wes Andersons The Royal Tenanbaums, this one is surely one of the Best. The use of slow motion and Nico’s amazing ‘These Days’ combine to make the perfect segway into the next part of the film.

4. She’s all that – Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me

Christina Kutscher: I didn’t recongnise until I was in my twenties that – a. Freddie Prince Jnr wasn’t God, and he definitely couldn’t act and that b. Shes All That isn’t the best film ever made. I do however still think that this song deserves to be on this list as it is timeless – I wonder if Sixpence None The Richer knew how bad the film was when they lent this song to the soundrack?

4. Fight Club  – Pixies – Where is my Mind

Matt Jones: This song is the perfect match for the final scene of this film. The music and lyrics combined with the cinematography make for one of the finest and most well fitting film endings of all time.

5. Resevoir Dogs – Stealers Wheel – Stuck in the Middle with you

Matt Jones: In this scene you’ve got comedy, violence and a great song all rolled into one. Although not the first song you’d think to accompany someones ear being cut of, but somehow it just works

6. Clueless – Jill Sobule – Supermodel

Christina Kutscher: Now you have hopefully recovered from the gore of Reservoir Dogs I bring to you Clueless. Picking just one song was hard for me,  it was a close toss up between this and Rollin’ with My Homies – ahh the days before Tai threw the whole ‘You’re just a virgin that can’t drive’ insult into the mix.  I went with Supermodel as this is the song that was stuck in my head for days after my first Clueless viewing, and yes OMG I love Josh!!

7. Drive – College and Electric Youth – A real Hero

Christina Kutscher: Would I, and millions of other girls,  have watched Drive if Ryan Gosling wasn’t the main character? Probably not, but oh well, we watched and we loved. The only thing we loved more than Ryan was the soundtrack – pure musical heaven!

8. American Werewolf in London – Clearance Clear Water Revival – Bad Moon Rising

Adam French: Definitely my all-time favourite werewolf film. The movie is loaded with moon themed songs, of which Bad Moon Rising is the stand-out track. It’s a really upbeat tune, with really dark lyrics, and the precursor to the now infamous werewolf transformation.

But I’m pretty sure the only reason my dad taped it of the TV in the first place was that shower scene with Jenny Agutter…

9. The Little Mermaid – Under The Sea

Christina Kutscher: I did warn you all that over here at Eventim our taste is mixed. I am 99.9% sure that you will all appreciate this entry though. Under The Sea is light hearted and fun –  haven’t we all wished at some point in our lives that we did live under the sea with a friend called Flounder and a dad that carried a spear? No? OK, maybe just me, but it was a good dream while it lasted and the song still gets me singing along.

10. Shaun of the Dead- Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

Adam French: Shaun and his mates trying to kill a fat zombie with pool cues, darts, and a fire extinguisher while Don’t Stop Me Now blares out of the Jukebox. A scene so good you have to watch it twice.

11. Pulp Fiction – Chuck Berry- You never can tell

Adam French: Nobody makes cinematic mix tapes as brilliantly as Quentin Tarantino. He keeps finding new ways to weave music into the action – and this frankly bonkers dance off is still one of his finest.

12. Mean Streets – The Rolling Stones – Jumpin Jack Flash

Matt Jones: Smooth, cool and charasmatic. That is how i would describe Harvey Keitel and the Mean Streets soundtrack – but The Rolling Stones pretty much reflect everything that Keitel’s character stands for so they are our chosen track. This scene alone is enough to make me wish I was around in this era.

13. The Big Labowski – Kenny Rogers – Just dropped in..

Adam French: After darkness washes over The Dude in this cult Coen Brothers classic we are treated to one of the best dream sequences ever committed to film. So sit back, mix yourself a Caucasian and enjoy an amazing ride.

14. Dreamgirls – Beyonce – Listen

Christina Kutscher: Do I cry every time I hear Beyonce perform this song live? Yes. Am I ashamed? No. This songs sums up the plot of Dreamgirls perfectly – yes we will listen and we will follow our dreams too. I am starting to think anything Beyonce touches turns to gold – dare you not get shivers when listening!

15. Slumdog Millionaire – MIA –paperplanes

Christina Kutscher: MIA uses The Clash’s  backing track and turns it into a modern spectacular, perfect for the big screen. Rifled with political drama the song reflects the film well and fits well into the famous soundtrack.

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